Due THURSDAY Feburary 14. Contribute your writing as a NEW POST, not a comment.

Find two on-line examples of graphic design—one that you think is done well, and one that you think is poorly done. Post the examples to the blog (as images or links). For each example, provide a complete paragraph discussing your thinking about why the design is well or poorly done. You can present both examples in the same post or make two separate posts. Mark your post(s) with the category, “Blog Homework 02″ by selecting the category from the list on the right side of the post editing window. Remember to create a POST this time and not a comment.


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  1. Well done:

    I think this design http://goo.gl/iGOmv is well done. First of all, because the draw shows creative, contemporary, and colorful skills that are necessary for a successful design. And secondly, the draw actually symbolizes what the words are saying.

    Poorly done:

    On the other hand, this design, http://goo.gl/CyO8I shows lack of creativity; nothing special. Besides, the person is trying to sell these designs as digital wallpaper! come on! Moreover, there is not symbolism behind.In other words, this graphic design does not inspire any feeling.

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