Joseph De Jesus Blog Homework 01

Like figure 1.3 on page 13 of the reading, this image, which was taken from Google Images, alternates spontaneously between “what is figure” and “what is ground”? It may seem as though there are two Latino men enjoying music in a corridor, yet it may also be an elderly couple facing each other. According to R. L. Gregory, it’s a matter of “perceptual decision” about what is figure or ground. Interestingly, what I learned from the reading was that perception is far more than what is a “stimulus pattern”, but a “dynamic search for the best interpretation of the data”. I never questioned the cooperation between eyes and the brain or how much the brain was involved in vision. However, I’m more aware of how crucial the brain is in sight and how people come to conclusions.

Can one believe that when an object is seen through a pin hole or a lens the image is formed up side down?  Therefore, eyes as biological lenses also form images up side down.  This concept is mind rattling.  So, how is it that images are right side up in my mind?  The brain!, of course.  As mentioned above, I just never stop to think about how my vision processed reality or as Gregory said, “data”.  As I read the excerpt it became more clear how my brain plays the superior role in my sight.  My brain turns the image right side up!  Just incredible.

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