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      As it is pretty obvious to many of us, the “go green” wave has taken us by storm. More and more organizations are promoting “going green” and better than that more and more consumers are making “green” a way of life. What do you think about this wave? Is it just a trend? Will it ever become part of your life? Or if it has already, how would you help others become “greener”??

I’m back again…I was playing around with writing prompts and came across one that I adapted for this blog. Share three reasons for getting to know someone who is “different”? So let’s see how long we can make this list.

1. If the person speaks another language I might learn a little bit of a new language. Like when I learned how to say “thank you” in Greek from the guy who sold coffee on the street corner many years ago.

2. If the person is older than I am, perhaps I can gain a little wisdom or learn about how things worked “way back when…”

3. If the person is a different gender then perhaps I can ask questions about *why* men/women do what they do and get a good explanation.

Let’s keep it going….

Many of you have probably seen this video before, it’s about a young child after the dentist reacting to the pain killer drugs given to him to remove his teeth.  I find it interesting because I know some people find it funny and others don’t.  Would you post a youtube video of your child after the dentist like this video??  Do you find anything wrong with this video??


Extreme Parenting: Radical Unschooling

What do you think about home schooling? Or better yet what do you think about no schooling? Well here are parents that think the best way for children to learn is by allowing them to do as they wish! Is this really what our world has come too? Is it scary to think about what the future may hold for us? Would you “unschool” your children?

Hey all! Prof. Patrick here. The dean’s office forwarded this article to me and I thought it was right up our alley. Let me know what you think about it. It seems so on point given our recent class discussions about diversity of thought.

Here’s a teaser: “A new collection of studies suggests that the success of minority college students and students’ perceptions of race relations on their campuses are strongly influenced by factors that actually have little direct connection with ethnicity or race…”


(click ->) Why girls don’t like math.

I thought this video was extremely interesting! As technology advances, more than 80% of jobs are going to need math skills. If girls don’t like math, then what will happen to them in the future? The differences in teaching methods between boys and girls is a factor that needs to be considered in order for boys and GIRLS to like math. Let me know what you think!

It’s a growing trend for our generation to go through several jobs in a lifetime, whereas in the 50’s (for example), people tended to have one job and stick with it for life.

Do you feel a sense of loyalty to your workplace/company? Do your parents?

We discussed in class last week, in what became a very heated argument, whether we are shaped to fit certain roles in society. Although some of us agreed, there was a negative reaction to the word “programmed.” What do you think about this word? Are we living in a world that is shaping our every move?

How you torture me so! How difficult is it for you to concentrate in this weather?

When I was little, I took the sunshine for granted. When it was sunny out, I would draw all the blinds and turn on the lights.
I felt like Mark Rothko (if you haven’t seen RED on Broadway, you MUST).

Or like this chick @41 seconds:

Something about the darkness and artificial light- that I could control- made me feel comfortable and safe. Now, I feel like my soul is being sucked out by fluorescent bulbs. It is taking all the willpower I can muster to go to class… to sit at a desk at my internship…


Is anyone else taking a summer course?

Thought I’d give this blog a new background of light colors to go with the GORGEOUS WEATHER outside.
Other admins – feel free to change the background whenever you want, for whatever the reason, in the future. Reminds me of Sleeping Beauty’s dress made by the fairies – “Make it blue!” “Make it pink!”

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