A Neighborhood in Photos: Flushing

Photos by Rukmani Nayyar

Flushing, founded in 1645 by Dutch settlers, is a lower- and middle-class neighborhood in northern Queens whose ethnic diversity is reflected in its restaurants, shops and houses of worship.

Main Street sidewalks are pulsing with people of predominantly Chinese and Korean descent. Signs, written in Chinese, line the walls and buildings, and a mix of American fast food and Asian food is sold from numerous shops and carts around the area.

Offshoots of Main Street are quieter but still vibrant. Since the 1960s, Flushing has been home to a large population of Hindus from India, who have erected some of the largest and wealthiest temples in America.

Local institutions, including Queens College and the Flushing Cemetery, reflect the diversity of Flushing and its surrounding neighborhoods.

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