Dollars & Sense is an award-winning magazine published by the journalism department and its students at Baruch College. Founded in 1979 by Prof. Roslyn Bernstein, who remains its publisher, for years the magazine was printed each spring and distributed to students, faculty, corporate leaders and media professionals in the New York region. In 2009, Dollars & Sense switched to an online format to capitalize on multimedia technology and publish students’ work more frequently.

Dollars & Sense is reported and edited by students, with the support of faculty advisers. The result is a highly educational experience for students and the publication of one of the nation’s best student magazines. In recent years, Dollars & Sense has been named one of the top online college magazines (with two Gold Crown and one Silver Crown awards) from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.

The Dollars & Sense Staff
Rebecca Ungarino, co-editor-in-chief, Rebecca.Ungarino@baruchmail.cuny.edu
Lenore Fedow, co-editor-in-chief, Lenore.Fedow@baruchmail.cuny.edu
Kerry Mack, managing editor, Kerry.Mack@baruchmail.cuny.edu
Xavier Lopez
Jessica Nieberg
Jason Shaltiel

Contributing Writers
Mary Barnes
Lynnette Booker
Stevie Borrello
Henna Choudhary
Gabriel Galindez
Shannon Jones
Jimyoung Kim
Ben Long
Michael Machado
Trey Morris
Richard Ng
Lisa Olson
Dominique Pellecier
Vanessa Santana
Anastasia Sourbis
Contributing Photographers
Yik Chang
Alyssa D’Angelo
Eric Heo
Leandros Katsigeras
Nick Schede
Richard Skeete

Faculty Advisers, Editorial
Vera Haller, Vera.Haller@baruch.cuny.edu
Joshua Mills, Joshua.Mills@baruch.cuny.edu
Faculty Adviser, Photography
Fran Antmann, Fran.Antmann@baruch.cuny.edu
Roslyn Bernstein, Roslyn.Bernstein@baruch.cuny.edu

If you are interested in participating in the magazine, or if you would like to make a donation to help support this important Baruch College institution, please contact Professors Andrea Gabor or Joshua Mills.

Past issues of Dollars & Sense are available in PDF format here.