Mentee Alumni Program [MAP] Mission

The mission of the Executives on Campus Mentee Alumni Program [MAP] is to foster a community of young professionals interested in networking with each other through events, workshops and social media. MAP also enhances the current mentees’ experiences and become the next generation of mentors for the Executives on Campus mentoring program. MAP will allow past EOC peers and current mentees to build relationships and stay connected.

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The Rolodex Program:

With an “on-the-go” lifestyle that many of us live with today, MAP members look to foster an engaging and seamless environment for all EOC members to promote successful mentorship experiences.  As a result, MAP has created an online Rolodex Program that will allow EOC mentees to view MAP member profiles with information such as their major at Baruch, club affiliations and professional work experience. We hope to serve as an additional resource to the mentees in EOC, and to help create industry specific matches for the mentees. As young professionals, MAP members aim to bridge the gap between the EOC mentees and mentors in order to help the students make the most of their mentoring experience.  When students reach out to us through our Rolodex Program, we will be able to help them improve their communication skills with their mentor, guide them on business etiquette, and also provide advice on the transition from college to career.  Further, when graduates become a member of MAP, they will have access to a network with numerous young professionals like themselves.

Upcoming Events:

MAP will be active throughout the academic year, so you will see us hosting and attending various events on and off campus. Whether through EOC sponsored events or MAP hosted events, you will have various opportunities to interact with us and hear about MAP.  MAP will be conducting a workshop on February 25th for year long mentees.  RSVP information will be available soon!

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