Mentoring Programs

Mentors meet with Mentees during Mentor for a Morning


EOC Mentoring Programs
EOC Mentors offer guidance and support assisting students to help them conduct effective, efficient job searches, make thoughtful career decisions and/or achieve the most from internships and jobs they have or will get. Mentors are alumni and friends of Baruch College.


Academic Year-Long Mentoring Programs
Academic Year-Long Mentoring Programs are EOC’s cornerstone initiative. These Programs serve undergraduate and graduate students from all three Baruch Schools: the Zicklin School of Business, the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Public affairs. The Academic Year-Long Programs help Mentees define and achieve their career goals by providing Mentors to support, counsel and serve as role models for the Mentees. Mentors may serve as friend and advocate to their Mentees in addition to assisting and advising in their career development process. The Academic Year-Long Programs run from September through May of the academic year. This upcoming year’s program is open to students graduating in 2016.  Applications will become available in early May of every academic year.

Mentor for a Morning/Evening
Mini Mentoring sessions give students a chance to speak with a seasoned executive in their field of interest. As with the year-long Mentoring Programs, many of these relationships turn into lifetime relationships. Mentor for a Morning and Mentor for an Evening serve all Baruch students from all three schools.  Each Mentor for a Morning event is held once a semester, Mentor for an Evening is held in the spring.

Job$mart Career Hour
High-profile guests from a range of industries share their insights and career advice in these essential updates that are free to students.

Classroom Presentations
Faculty members invite EOC volunteers to participate in classroom activities.

Park Bench Marketing
A real life marketing lab with clients such as EOC and Business Wire.  Park Bench is led by an EOC Mentor.  The students receive class credit for their participation.

Want to get involved?
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