SmartPitch Challenge


SmartPitch is a multi-step program which guides student entrepreneurs through the initial stages of business formation.  If you have a business concept you would like to develop, the SmartPitch Challenge is for you!


The focus of the competition is to seek out innovative student concepts.  These innovative approaches can be in the form of new technological advances, new strategic alliances, new methods or processes or new strategies.

There are three suggested areas but they are NOT required:

  • Education: mobile learning, tablet computing, learning analytics, gaming and gamification
  • Health: healthcare, pharma, patient management, sports, exercise, behavior, diagnostics
  • Energy: solar, sustainability, green initiatives, energy storage, bio/sustainable fuel

 We accept ALL business ideas.

1st Place: $10,000
2nd Place: $7,500
3rd Place: $5,000

Most Innovative App: $1,500

Audience Favorite: $1,000


The challenge consists of three milestones, all created with the goal of helping you move forward with your business concept.

Milestone 1:  30-second pitch communicating your concept to time-starved investors.

Milestone 2:  Executive Summary of your business plan and delivers a “deal” to potential investors.

Milestone 3:  10 slide deck that highlights the significant aspects of your business concept.

Complete all of your milestones with the assistance and resources from the Field Center.


Top 5 finalists have access to the following

  • Entrepreneurship Boot Camp
  • High level mentorship
  • Access to the entrepreneurship network

 Benefits to Students

  • Join our social network site designed to bring together a community of student entrepreneurs
  • Tap into the expertise of our Field Center Mentors
  • Participate in our Coworking sessions and get feedback from your peers
  • Attend our speaker series, covering various entrepreneurial topics focused on start-up


Who is Eligible

  • SmartPitch is open to all current NYC college students
  • All business ideas accepted regardless of legal structure or industry
  • Individuals or teams may enter
  • Enrollment ends by the first milestone deadline: March 17, 2014


How to Participate

Step 1: Sign Up  to attend our Kickoff event on January 31, 2014

Step 2: Join our social networking site:

Step 3: Complete each of the three milestones by their respective deadlines

Step 4: Throughout the program connect with Mentors who will nominate you to pitch at the final event.

Finalists will be announced on May 30, 2014

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