SmartPitch Challenge

What is SmartPitch?

SmartPitch is an ideation competition open to all matriculating CUNY students. The challenge encourages students to develop their business idea through a three phase program, workshops, and a network of mentors. SmartPitch provides an online community, in-person workshops, and events to support competitors along the way.

Submission Requirements

Phase One: Develop a one page Business Model Canvas due 3/7

Phase Two: Pitch your idea in 60 seconds via YouTube due 4/4

Phase Three: Crowdsource your idea, and create a pitch deck due 5/2

Final Event: Those who complete all three phases, and receive the most mentor nominations will pitch live on 5/20 for cash prizes

SmartPitch is offering $30,000 in cash prizes this year!

First Prize: $10,000—all business ideas are eligible

Second Prize: $6,000—all business ideas are eligible

Third Prize: $3,000—all business ideas are eligible

STEM Prize: $5,000—all science, technology, engineering, and mathematic related ideas are eligible

Maker Hub Prize: $5,000—any idea that coincides with the maker culture, must include a prototype for judging (prototype is not required to be functional)

Fan Favorite: $1,000—Crowdsource your idea and have your network vote online for your pitch video via WooBox

For more information about SmartPitch and phase requirements, visit

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