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My favorite enrichment workshop would have to be going to see the Reality Show created by the NYU Tische students. I thought it was very creative, smart, and effective. To be quite frank, I am generally not so excited for plays, so at first when I heard about the Reality Show, I rolled my eyes and thought “gee I could be sleeping right now”. However, when I had the chance to actually see the production, I was pleasantly surprised to see a group of kids who put together something that seemed authentic and as though THEY had control. Often, you see school plays that are completely controlled by the drama instructor or school director, but this one was funny, appealing to young people, yet strong in its ability to deliver advice. I thought the student actors were very talented and I applaud them on their confidence, as I probably would never in a million years be able to do anything of that nature. I thought it was very worthwhile and entertaining and I hope that they put the production on for future students of Baruch and other schools. It was interesting though because it was the first time I saw a collective group of Baruch students actually laugh and enjoy themselves.

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