For the first three months at Baruch, I learned a few things. I learned that I should never procrastinate again. I procrastinated a lot in this semester and had to have a pretty costly result for it. I felt that procrastinating in college can be much worse than in high school. Also, I learned that I should feel more responsible about my work; it is what I have to do and no one can do it for me. Another important thing I learned is that I should manage my time better. In college, it seems to be harder to manage time because we spend less time at school and we can change our schedule, like not taking any classes on Friday. These are the basic things that a student should already know about, but I felt like I should improve the basics and keep improving as a student, and as a person.

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Daniel Cosares – Final Blog Post

For me, my first three months at Baruch have been much different. Everything seems to be on the computer. In high school the only time I had to go on the computer for was to print something out. Now I have to go on the computer to get homework, read class notes, post blogs, take quizzes, and much more. All of this plus the time I already spent on the computer makes me feel like I am on the computer all the time. Another thing about the computer use is that professors don’t remind us about work as often as I am used to from high school. We are expected to know when things are due and this is new to me. Work on computers also makes it harder to get work done without procrastinating. I have all of the internet right in front of me when trying to complete work. College so far for me has been a lot of time on the computer and adapting to new styles of learning.

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Snapshot of Semester 1

In all honesty, the picture above is by far the best way of showing my first 3 months at Baruch. Although that is not a picture of my room above and thankfully my room is not that messy, it is symbolic of my first 3 months of college. I have felt all over the place as I have adjusted to a different lifestyle and experience. I tend not to enjoy change and attending Baruch this fall was probably the biggest change I have had in my life. The reason I chose that specific picture to explain my first 3 months in college is because of my lack of organization and how it has slowly become more severe. With the increased stress of college and my laziness it has become harder to keep everything in my life labeled and organized. I feel as if as the smoke settles in this first semester of college, I am learning to deal with the change and will slowly learn from it. For the time being though, my life is a bit messy.

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Throughout high school my lack of organization likely kept me from reaching the goals I had hoped to achieve for.  It wasn’t often enough that I had my homework in on time, and studying usually came the night before.  As one of my teachers liked to say, I was “a day late and a dollar short.”

In choosing to attend Baruch, I chose to go to school in an especially unforgiving place for a person like me.  New York City eats raw people who don’t have their lives straightened out, and lateness can really cost a person.  There’s little moping about, and that sort of environment bleeds into Baruch also.

I am rather proud of myself to have overcome an obstacle at Baruch, and it is a lesson I am sure I will apply elsewhere in life.  Seeing everybody around you in a business-like, goal oriented attitude is contagious, and I certainly have felt that this first semester.

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When I started college I was really enthusiastic and excited to be here but day after day that excitement has dwindled. I wake up everyday and go to school knowing Im going to be bored and hoping something that day will keep me from keeling over in my desk. College went form a new adventure to a daily challenge not to drool or bang you head to hard on the desk when you dose off. Im hoping it will at least get less boring. I cant say Its all bad because there are those one or two days where I find a reason to stay awake and find something interesting to do. It might just be me but Im scared I might have to spend the next four years learning how cope with boredum rather than learning and becoming a well rounded person and all that junk i hear Im “supposed” to do.

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Wow, this semester was really crazy. I came to Baruch so excited and ready to do the best that i could and hope that everything would be as easy as high school. And i was soooo wrong. Like, in the beginning, i thought it was actually easy, but then we started getting tests, quizzes and assignments at a rate that i have never experienced before. I barely had enough time to do anything after school as it was because i commute to Staten Island twice a day. And that also didn’t help. I’ve been so frustrated lately and nervous that I’m not doing good enough. Who doesn’t like doing ‘just good enough’? But is doing the bare minimum going to benefit me? I feel like my best IS the bear minimum and it frustrates me and makes me feel really depressed. School feels like torture sometimes and i just want it to be over with. I hope i’m not doing as bad as i think i am because then i’ll probably feel a lot better. Stress really sucks sometimes 🙁

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BRO, Can you Spot The Difference?

So, did you find the differences? Well I sure didn’t and I have no intentions of doing so. This is what life has become: the exact same thing with a small differences tossed in there that I care not to even notice. This semester hasn’t done much for me. I drag myself out of bed in the morning to get to school, attend school, waste time after school, go to sleep. For some reason I didn’t think things would end up like this, never did I have hopes, but regardless this situation escalates through its own mediocrity.

The guy second from the right, his scarf thing changes color: orange to purple. I guess there is a difference in the picture. Look at anything long enough and you’ll spot something is off, I’m sure. Looking at this semester I spot that the only difference is that the future looks a lot bleaker then it ever had before. The tints and hues on my picture are getting darker and it’ll take a lot more then some cheesy effect to get it back on track. Maybe some photoshop will get it where it needs to be. My photoshop skills leave something to be desired but, in time, I’m sure I’d be up to the task.

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Final Blog Post

For me, this year has been much like the picture describes, clockwork.  Day in and day out, this lower freshman year has been somewhat like high school.  Days are generally very repetitive, where I tend to stare at the clock waiting for some classes to be over.  The day is somewhat similar to high school in some regards, but the main difference is how the teachers operate.  This is still something that I haven’t completely gotten used as I think many of us can understand from music class.

One of the many things that I have enjoyed during this semester was the breaks in between classes; they remove the cramming of classes into a tight schedule.  One of main things that I do during the breaks is playing ball in the gym.  I generally have a routine for the week and it had basically remained similar throughout the semester, much like clockwork.

Unfortunately, another thing that has carried over from high school is procrastination.  I generally wait for the last second, if not just the last day to finish my work.  This has been going on for the longest time and still occurs right now.  This trend happened throughout the semester, where I lose sleep and end up rushing the job.

Just like clockwork.

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The past three months that I have spent at Baruch have been very unexpected and different from any other experience I have had in the past. I never really had a good relationship with school. In high school, I always dreaded going to class everyday and hated doing all the work school required me to complete at home. But my experiences at Baruch are nothing like the experiences I had in high school. It’s almost like I traveled to a different universe or realm. Therefore, I used a picture of Dorothy and Toto in Oz from the “Wizard of Oz” because I feel it encompasses the past three months I have spent at Baruch. When I compare the professors, the students, and the environment at Baruch to that of my old high school it is similar to comparing Oz to Kansas. Even though I still do not enjoy waking up early, I like school more now than I ever have. Of course, Baruch has its flaws but when I compare it to my old high school I cannot complain. It has been a long time since I actually enjoyed learning. I especially feel like Dorothy because I do not live at home anymore. Sometimes I miss my Kansas but, unlike Dorothy, I think I will stay in the Land of Oz.

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Free at last


Last blog post, what can I say? Anything that fits the 100-300 word requirement I guess. College is NOT what I have imagined. I thought of college as some sort of Greco-Roman environment where intellectuals will discuss profound ideas and where I will be engulfed by this aura of success, instead I am surrounded by mediocrity reeking of smoke. Whateves, less competition for me at them job markets. (As a side note is there just ONE job market or are there lots of them.)

I tell people I want to be an entrepreneur and a marketer, however in reality I don’t know what I want to do. Needless to say this semester did not push me toward nor did it pull me away from any given profession. I remained as they call it neutral.

I will say that I believe my writing has improved. I actually at the point where I have sufficient vocabulary to express myself in a coherent understandable manner.

I guess this is a “sharing” thing but no one reads so I will say that I wanna do 5 minutes of standup comedy at some point this year & maybe play in a jazz club if they take me. Just wanted to let my stalkers know where I will be in the near future.

What a weird response. You don’t have to tell me, I WROTE IT.

Got carried away there. The word count is above the minimum requirement, so much for mediocrity. Ta ta for now.

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