THE HARNISCH JOURNALISM PROJECTS include strategic interventions, educational programs, research and experimentation aimed to advance high quality journalism, support press freedom and nurture an informed, actively engaged public.

Launched with the generous support of Bill and Ruth Ann Harnisch and The Harnisch Foundation, including Ruth Ann’s continued guidance, the projects have gained additional funding from the Carnegie Corporation, the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, the David and Katherine Moore Foundation, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Led by Professor Geanne (Rosenberg) Belton and housed in Baruch College’s Department of Journalism and the Writing Professions, the Harnisch Journalism Projects include:

A key feature of these projects is collaboration across institutions, including Harvard, Stanford, Poynter, Yale, University of Missouri, Columbia, and numerous other colleges and organizations that have provided expertise in education, technology, journalism and media law.

Published: Needle in a Haystack: Digital Literacy in the Age of Infinite Information


September 14-15, 2014: Because News Matters: A News Literacy Summit.  Chicago.  The Poynter Institute and the McCormick Foundation, in collaboration with Baruch College and the Harnisch Journalism Projects.

August 5, 2014: Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Montreal Pre-Conference Workshop.  The Journalism Educator’s Role in the Future of Education.  See for details.

January 30: “Truth be Told” Cross-Disciplinary Panel Discussion Held at Baruch
In a media landscape marred by false equivalency, have we lost sight of the existence and value of facts? How are facts identified and tested in medicine, business, law and journalism and what can we all learn about information quality?

On January 30, Baruch College hosted a panel discussion and analysis exploring these questions. Moderated by Geneva Overholser, Senior Fellow, Center on Communication Leadership and Policy, USC Annenberg, the panel included Jane Aiken, Associate Dean for Experiential Education and Professor of Law at Georgetown; Margaret Sullivan, Public Editor at The New York Times; Harold E. Varmus, M.D., Director of the National Cancer Institute, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1989; Amy Whitaker, Full-Time Faculty, Art Business, Sotheby’s International. Click here to read Baruch’s news release on the event.