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Together Everyone Achieves More. Whether in our life at Baruch or beyond, this saying effects us all in so many ways. As a member of TEAM Baruch (the name says it all), this saying has been instilled in everything I do. Maybe you had a Freshman Seminar Peer Mentor who inspired you to join a new club on campus. Or perhaps an Orientation Leader took personal time to help show you around campus on your first day. These titles, as well as Peers for Careers, P.A.W.S, and Peer Academic Advisors are all part of TEAM Baruch.

My first glimpse of TEAM Baruch was when I attended freshman orientation, where my three orientation leaders (OL’s in TEAM Baruch jargon) guided me through the day, helping me with everything from selecting a block schedule that suited my needs, to encouraging me to step out of my shell and mingle with others at lunch time. Then, on convocation day, I met my Freshman Seminar Peer Mentor who gave me a plethora of information to make not only a seamless transition from high school to college, but also how to make my experience at Baruch as best it could be. When it came time to schedule my Spring semester, she even helped us select the classes we need and told us who some of the best professors were. Possibly one of the greatest pieces of information she gave me was informing me when interviews for TEAM Baruch were being held.

After having an interview with a higher-up in Student Life to join TEAM Baruch, I attended a four day intensive training process in mid-January.  The first two days were comprised of learning about our fellow TEAM Baruch members.  The second two days took place in the Poconos, where we bunked on cabins and participated in a variety of leadership training events. After training had ended, I applied, and was accepted, as an Orientation Leader and a Freshman Seminar Peer Mentor.

My experience as an OL has been nothing but wonderful, as I have learned about myself and the incoming class. I have also gained the satisfaction of sharing my experiences with others and convincing them to take advantage of everything offered by Baruch. Although I will not begin my position as a FRO leader until the fall semester, I am positive it will be a rewarding experience. Likewise, I am also looking forward to forming friendships with my new freshmen.

TEAM Baruch has allowed myself to learn things about myself I never knew before. So, if you are looking to make a difference while making a myriad of new friends and connections, be on the lookout for the TEAM Baruch 2014 application this Fall!

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