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  1. Sandeep Kumar
    Political Economy Paper Proposal

    The topic of my paper is the comparison between the ideologies of China and India towards their buesiness economies. The reason this topic is very important is because India and China are growing superpowers in the world and play very important roles in the modern day world economy. But India is lagging behind the Chinese economy, so why is India lagging behind and what is the difference between their economies and the ideologies that run them?
    The differences between China’s view on business and India’s view is that China’s growth was caused by focusing more on manufacturing and less upon labour otherwise known as knowledge-intensvie services. India’s business boom has been caused by newer industries such as knowledge-inensive industries and services. India’s development has lagged and has gained momentum gradually. In India there was much less foreign capital participation and expatriate investment.
    The first section of this paper will explore the puzzle of the paper. The puzzle of the paper is how are the ideologies of India and China different when it comes to how they handle their economies and how is this ideaology causing India to lag behind China? The second section will review existing views, while providing my own argument in contrast with existing view. For example the view that China is a relativley communist country and India is democratic and therefore it takes longer to pass bills and policies in India than it does in China. Thirdly to support my argument I will presenting evidence from the the chinese economy and the Indian economy, like their fiscal policies and other economical policies that allow China to have a more lucrative economy than India

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