Coming Soon: More Water Bottle Refilling Stations!

Have you walked to class and stumbled upon our Water Bottle Refilling Station?

The Task Force on Sustainability has started the implementation of water bottle refilling stations. Stations like the one shown above  will be coming soon to a floor near you.

To view some interesting facts on water usage and plastic bottles, which explain why we are implementing this project, please take a look at our PowerPoint slideshow that was presented during Baruch’s 2012  Earth Week.

Concord Votes to Ban Plastic Water Bottles!

“The 84-year-old grandmother of six who repeatedly petitioned a controversial bylaw banning single-serve plastic water bottles in Concord said today she was ‘exhausted’ but ‘exulted’ after the town voted 403-364 to approve the ban last night.”

Anyone who violates this bylaw will be given a warning for the first. However, fines will be given out proceeding the first violation. A $25 fine will be given the second time and $50 fines for each subsequent offense. To read more of this article, click here.

No More Bottled Water on Campus?

The University of Vermont will become one of the first institutions nationwide to stop the sale of bottled water on campus. Along with that, the University will also mandate that one-third of drinks offered in vending machines be healthy options. Bottle filling stations will replace the existing drinking fountains with a goal of 75 stations spread across campus by the end of the year. “The objective is for students to fill their own re-usable bottles with water rather than buying the water and then disposing of the plastic bottles.” To read more click here.

Have you seen Baruch’s bottle filling station? We want to hear what you think. Should Baruch follow this suit?

Grappling With a Garbage Glut

Did you know that garbage costs are staggering? “New York City alone spent $2.2 billion on sanitation in 2011. According to the city’s department of sanitation, more than $300 million of that was just for transporting its citizens’ trash by train and truck—12,000 tons a day—to out-of-state landfills, some as far as 300 miles away. 12,000 tons a day is like throwing away 62 Boeing 747 jumbo jets daily, or driving 8,730 new Honda Civics into a landfill each morning.” To read the article click here.

Students vs. Trash

Defeat Trash With Design

You know good design when you see it.  Isn’t it better when good designs get out the word for causes we care about? Let’s use design to defeat trash and get people excited to reuse, recycle, and stop littering!By creating a poster design that encourages people to defeat trash, you’re using your top-notch design skills to help out the environment. Also, you can win a trip to New York City for having the best design – and have a chance to meet with top officials from EPA Region 2!

So – get out your crayons, open up Photoshop, and be the student that wins the battle against trash!

For contest details, click here. For more information, e-mail

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