De Cai Chen



De Cai Chen is a Junior Finance major from China. His native language is Mandarin Chinese and he utilizes the English peer tutoring and ESL Speech Lab at SACC to improve his English language skills. About his future plans, De Cai says,

“I want to be a financial analyst after graduating from Baruch. My dream is to know 99% of places in the world, and I will start my travels from China.”




Hi, my name is De Cai Chen; you can also call me Allen. I am currently a Junior at Baruch, majoring in Finance. I am Chinese; I came to the United States when I was thirteen years old and English is my second language.

About two years ago, I was a freshman just like others and I came to Baruch. I didn’t know anything and my English was just so-so. I am a SEEK student, so when I went to my SEEK counselor trying to get some help for my English class because I’m very bad at writing, they told me that I could come to SACC for tutoring. Even though I don’t have class on Friday, I still want to come to SACC on a Friday schedule so I can get a longer time for tutoring. So that’s how I get a high grade in English class – that’s how I can get a 3.6 GPA.