Diwei Wang

Diwei Wang is a Junior Accounting major from China. Her native language is Mandarin Chinese and she utilizes all TfCS services!

About her experience with the program, Diwei writes:  “The ESL Speech Lab helps me to correct my punctuation and accent. Conversation Hour gives me a chance to express my opinions and communicate with other students. A lot of exercise makes progress, and the Tools for Clear Speech program accelerates the pace of improving my English!

I want to pursue my academic dream of becoming a faculty member. After graduation, I will go to graduate school to get my doctoral degree.”


Hello, my name is Diwei Wang. I’m a Junior student from Baruch College and my major is Accounting. I came to the United States one and a half years ago. As an international student, I have all the problems that an international student could possibly have. Language became my first and major barrier for effective communication in the first year. On my way to improving my English, the Tools for Clear Speech program helps me tremendously. Every week, I join the ESL Speech Lab and Conversation Hour as much as possible, and I also go to the workshops that the program offers us. I want to tell every international student in Baruch College that the Tools for Clear Speech program is really fantastic. I hope that everyone can make use of the resources that the Tools for Clear Speech program provides us and overcome the barriers as much as possible. Thank you.


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