Khanna Pugach

Khanna Pugach is a Sophomore CIS major from Russia. She recently transferred to Baruch from BMCC. Khanna says that the TfCS program has helped to “increase fluency in English and acquire confidence in speaking English.”

About her future plans, she also says:

“Everyone wants to find a good job and I am not an exception. To be a part of Google’s team would be a great opportunity for me.”






Hi everybody! My name is Khanna Pugach and I’m an international student from Russia. Even though it’s my second year here in the United States, I’ve already been to two schools. I’m a transfer student from one of the CUNY schools, BMCC, where I used to study computer science. This is my first semester here at Baruch and my plans are to major in computer information systems. You would be so surprised to know how many problems can be solved using programming techniques nowadays. I have never let go of the feeling that I have to improve my speaking skills, so I was so excited to hear about the Tools for Clear Speech program, and I am looking forward to the day when speaking English will be as easy and comfortable as it is speaking my native language, Russian. Thank you!