About TfCS

Tools for Clear Speech is a full service tutorial program dedicated to improving the oral communication skills of English language learners (ELLs) and nonnative English speakers at Baruch College. Our primary mission is to guide students toward clearer, more effective communication skills by helping them to improve their pronunciation, intelligibility, and pragmatic abilities.

TfCS student Deshen Cao addressing the group

TfCS offers a variety of services including:

  • One-to-One Speech Tutorial Sessions with Professional Speech Consultants
  • Innovative Workshops
  • Small-Group Conversation Hours
  • an Oral Communication Video Assessment
  • Interactive Online Software and Practice Resource Links

TfCS is sponsored by the Student Academic Consulting Center (SACC), a nationally certified tutorial support program. TfCS offers professional speech consultants and highly trained peer tutors to help students attain the speech clarity and confidence to succeed.

TfCS is deeply grateful for the support from the following donors and organizations:

The Joseph Drown Foundation

The Joseph Drown Foundation was formed in 1953 to provide an organized means for its founder, Joseph Warford Drown, to make charitable gifts during his lifetime and to have the Foundation continue making grants upon his death.

Joseph Drown, whose life spanned the period of 1906 to 1982, was active in the hotel industry from his early 20’s until the end of his career. He started as an employee, then in management and subsequently ownership. His prize ownership, which he personally developed in 1945, was the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles. He also employed his business skills in the acquisition and operation of numerous other businesses and properties.

The Foundation attempts to reflect directly the interests of Joseph Drown by focusing its resources on the areas which particularly concerned him. These include education, medical and scientific research; community, health and social services and, to a lesser degree, the arts and humanities.

The Foundation’s goal is to assist individuals in becoming successful, self-sustaining, contributing citizens. The Foundation is interested in programs that break down any barrier that prevents a person from continuing to grow and learn.


The John R. F. Tietsort Endowment

The John R.F. Tietsort endowment provides support services for students who are nonnative speakers of English and would like assistance with spoken or written English.

John R. F. Tietsort was an adjunct lecturer in Baruch College’s Department of Communication Studies from 1976 t0 2000. He held a B.A. cum laude in English, Speech, and Theater; and M.A. in Theater from Hunter College/CUNY; and a certificate from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Professor Tietsort was an avid scuba diver, fencer, and fencing choreographer. He was also widely traveled and took special interest in the well-being of international students at Baruch College, ensuring that their voices would be heard and their needs addressed. Students loved him and flocked to take his classes.

Professor Tietsort left a legacy to go toward helping nonnative students succeed in college and in their vocations. We are immeasurably grateful for his generosity.

Please browse our site for more information, and feel free to contact the TfCS Coordinator, DJ Dolack, at Dennis.Dolack@baruch.cuny.edu with any questions.