TfCS Speech Lab

The Baruch College TfCS Speech Lab is a collaboration between SACC and the Department of Communication Studies. It has a variety of software programs on pronunciation, rhythm, intonation, grammar, conversation management, vocabulary development, listening/lecture comprehension, and business communication skills. Students can work independently or with a Professional Speech Consultant. For maximum benefit, we recommend that students visit the lab on their own and make appointments to see a Speech Consultant. SACC works closely with the Department of Communication Studies to provide consultants who analyze students’ accents and help them better pronounce the sounds of American English. The lab is available to all Baruch undergraduate and graduate students. To make an appointment, visit SACC in NVC 2-116, call (646) 312-4830, or use our online scheduler.

Learn more about our One-to-One Speech Tutorials here.

Students should also visit the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences website for more Communication resources by clicking here.

The TfCS Speech Lab is located in NVC 6-121. Students should enter through the larger Modern Languages Lab in NVC 6-120. All one-to-one and open lab hours take place in the lab, and students should arrive there a few minutes early for their sessions.