For Faculty

TfCS is currently developing a Faculty Resource Page dedicated to supporting full and part-time faculty across the curriculum in their efforts to more effectively teach English Language Learners and nonnative English speakers at the College. Our goal is to offer relevant College demographics, a fuller understanding of our students’ cultural backgrounds, and exercises and lesson planning methods that fully incorporate ELLs into classroom discussion, as well as allow the full class to engage with and learn from the cultural diversity at Baruch.

To more fully inform us about the needs of Baruch faculty, we are currently holding short interview sessions to more adequately understand the challenges faced, and field questions and suggestions for what resources would be most helpful. If you are interested in participating in this research and planning, we encourage you to reach out to TfCS Coordinator DJ Dolack to set up a brief interview session with one of our Professional Speech Consultants.

Until then, you can find a list of helpful student resources here. If you feel as though your students would benefit from TfCS services, please recommend that they visit our website, or feel free to contact DJ Dolack with questions.

You can also request a brief classroom visit here.