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Rachel’s English is a valuable tutorial site that features hundreds of videos, sound charts, and more. Be sure to visit Rachel’s blog, as well as our Featured Lessons page!




Frankfurt International School Click to visit Frankfurt International School's Learning English Guide has an online guide to learning English. Students will be able to access hundreds of learning exercises that deal with many aspects of English.






Click to visit is a website that enables users to expand their English vocabulary through pictures.




Click to visit Okanagan College's English Pronunciation PageOkanagan College, through their International Education program, has a variety of  media and additional resources that help nonnative English speakers practice their pronunciation skills.






Click to visit Pronunciation LessonsThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, through their Center for Language Learning, has a number of online pronunciation lessons. These lessons focus on helping students understand the differences between English and Cantonese pronunciation and the mechanics of English pronunciation.



Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.28.15 AM‘Stress, Rhythm, Tone, and Intonation’: a Powerpoint presentation (in .pdf format) by Chnig Kang Liu of National Taipei University. This presentation is a terrific overview of how suprasegmental stress patterns shape our language and intelligibility.






Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.36.58 AMThis I Believe‘ is an international organization and radio program on National Public Radio. It features contributors reading personal essays that discuss “the core values that drive their everyday lives.” To work on connected speech, thought groups, and pauses, students can listen to the audio and follow along with detailed transcripts.



Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 2.50.21 PMNative Accent is a software program to help students identify and work on specific pronunciation challenges. The program is web-based and available from anywhere you can log in to a computer, as well as from your smart phones and tablets. You must email for access. Click HERE to log in!





English Central is a terrific tutorial website to help students improve their speaking clarity, listening skills, reading comprehension and vocabulary. The videos are very modern and consistently updated. English Central is also used in our ‘Clarity & Confidence’ workshops.





Baruch’s Department of Communication Studies shares some valuable FAQ’s about Clear Speech. Their Resources page also offers assistance with presentations, public speaking, and using Power Point.





The University of Iowa offers this website to assist students with phonetics and pronunciation.

 has quite a few “Interesting things for ESL Students” including games, quizzes, mp3 pronunciation tutorials, and more.



The TESL Journal provides an extensive list of activities, articles, and links for both teachers and English language learners. This is a terrific resource that compiles many different areas of instruction.


Click to visit PronounceNames.comPronounce Names is an online database where you can look up the pronunciation of common and not-so-common names. Browse through the database and you will see and hear the pronunciation of each name along with any of its variations.



photo.jpgMerriam Webster Learner’s Dictionary Perfect Pronunciation Exercises is a thorough collection of exercises meant to help learners hear and practice difficult sounds and word stress patterns in English. Most of the words are used in sentences, which is great contextualized practice. It is also good for muscle training.
 is a collection of clearly explained video and audio lessons about English, including pronunciation and grammar. The pronunciation videos are particularly helpful because of the details and the helpful visuals.