Software and Websites

The TfCS Speech Lab has recently been updated with Apple iMac computers, as well as new programs and links to tutorial websites. It also features sound-blocking headphones with vocal recording capabilities. Students are urged to utilize the lab during Open Lab Hours as much as possible throughout the semester, as a way to practice the instruction they receive in one-to-one sessions and pronunciation workshops.

Open Lab Hours (Fall and Spring semesters only): Mon-Thurs 10am-8pm

We are in the process of adding the following programs for student usage:

Accent Master (PC only)


Clear Speech Sounds

Mango Languages

Native Accent by Carnegie Speech  Please email with the following information for login access:



Native Language (if Chinese, please specify Cantonese or Mandarin)

Pronunciation Power (I & II)

Rosetta Stone  Please email with your Baruch username for login access.