Software and Websites

The Modern Languages Lab in NVC 6-120 features Apple iMac computers, as well as programs and links to tutorial websites. It also features sound-blocking headphones with vocal recording capabilities. Students are urged to utilize the lab during Open Lab Hours as much as possible throughout the semester, as a way to practice the instruction they receive in one-to-one sessions and pronunciation workshops.

Open Lab Hours NVC 6-120 (Fall and Spring semesters only):

Mon-Thurs 10am-8pm. The back row of the Language Lab is reserved for TfCS students.


TfCS also offers students the following software for use at home, or anywhere you can access the internet. Please follow the directions carefully for access:


Native Accent by Carnegie Speech  Please email a request to for login access.

For general assistance, the Native Accent Student Manual can be found here.

For assistance setting up your headphones, follow this link.



Rosetta Stone Please follow the link and login with your Baruch email and password. You can choose ‘ENGLISH’ from the language menu, and follow the directions to access the lessons. Please be advised that Rosetta Stone is a language acquisition program, and will seem ‘easy’ or ‘elementary’ at first. However, working with the program will improve your grammatical and overall communicative abilities, and you should practice often.



TfCS recommends the Microsoft Life Chat LX 3000 headset, which is a fairly cheap, but durable and quality model.