Narrative of Metacognition

The essay by Isaac Asimov, “What is Intelligence, Anyway?”, illustrates the idea of how people can have different forms of intelligence whether it be academic, real-life skills, etc. The author talks about how he has a high intelligence in a certain area, but when it comes to non academical questions, he has no accurate answers and is considered dumb from those highly intelligent in that field. In my opinion, knowledge is broad and can have several different types. There are people who can be intelligent in all areas and there can be those who are intelligent in one but not in the rest. People who are willing to put time and effort will gain the most and sometimes grow up to have quite a lot of knowledge from their environment. I think I have a mixture of educational intelligence as well as being put in real life situations, my skills can assist me in not being unaware of what to do. One of my important strengths is the ability to make long lasting friendships. Having a strong relationship can build connections to almost anything. Thanks to several friendships, I gained skills in knowledge of exercise, cooking, etc. Knowledge is not just something we are born with, we gain more through new experiences.

After taking the multiple intelligence survey results, my top three intelligences are bodily/kinesthetic, visual/spatial, and intrapersonal. I am able to perceive visual and spatial information. I usually use a part of my body to create products and solve problems. Lastly, I am able to distinguish among my own feelings and make accurate decisions for myself. I believe my results are accurate. I am a very hands on person as well as very straightforward. I make sure I am making the right decisions for myself. Since I am a very hands-on person, I have quite a lot of knowledge on exercise. I like to workout and teaching others helps me continue to practice more and gain more knowledge. One of those knowledge is creating mental pictures that allow me to remember types of machines and weights so I can progress faster. Overall, these intelligences fit me very well and in my everyday life I use them to gain understanding in different areas.