7 Day Code Switching Journal

Day 1-
I was home with family members and we had conversations that were lighthearted and engaging. We talked about our day and personal topics. Soon after, I went to the supermarket and I code switched with employers at the store because it was a more public setting. I spoke with formality and respect.

Day 2-
I was on my way to school with my mom because she takes the same train line as me to her workplace. I spoke to her with familiarity and made jokes with her on the train. Then, I entered school and walked into my classroom. I spoke to my classmates and code switched because I wouldn’t speak to them with familiarity but I still had a sense of respect for them.

Day 3-
I went to my friend’s house after school because I missed my friend and I spoke to her with closeness and was very energetic. I used terminology as you would with very close friends and I was more casual. However, when her mom walked in I quickly changed my demeanor and responded to my friend in a less informal way. i did so because I didn’t want to be disrespectful in front of her mom.

Day 4-
This day I was at Baruch college’s plaza and I saw my friends from high school. I spoke with terms of familiarity and closeness because I knew them for years. But when my college friends came, I used different vocabulary because I didn’t establish a very close relationship with them yet.

Day 5-
I was at the park and I came with my sister to just hang out. We went on the swings and I kept teasing her because she’s younger than me. Eventually, a child came to me because she wanted to go on the swings and I used a quieter tone to speak to the child. I let her have my swing and didn’t tease the child even if the child were younger.

Day 6-
I was in my kitchen with my dad because we were eating lunch. i spoke formally and didn’t make any jokes with him. However, my friend came over and I immediately changed my tone of voice and vocabulary.

Day 7-
I went to a cafe with a friend and when the waiter came by, I used words that weren’t profanity. I spoke with respect towards the worker but when it was just me and my friend, I didn’t act that way.