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Creative Remix Reflective Essay

My creative remix was a podcast of the Black Panthers Party, the context of the work is that I was giving the listeners and my guest an introduction to the Black Panther’sParty. I wanted my work to give listeners an incentive and a newfound interest in learning more about a seemingly buried topic. I hope that it can spread awareness of this topic and remind people that this part of our history, the Black Panthers Party, was a major pillar for programs that we do not think twice about. That is if I publicly publish this, aside from Blogs@Baruch, and I believe my anxiety would probably never let me do that. Even then I think the history of the BPP still lingers around our culture, even if the government tried to dismantle it, the beliefs and aspirations of the party still linger to this day. It is part of our music, art, and fashion. 

I chose to do a podcast because recently, I have been listening to a lot of podcasts, from an array of topics such as scary stories, commentary, and motivational podcasts. There are some podcasts that I don’t even know what their genre is, but it’s nice to listen to them while I’m preoccupied with other work. So with this in mind, when Prof. Perry told us we can do a podcast, I really wanted to apply it to the BPP. I had many ideas, I wanted some microphones, with some music in the background and some good sound quality. Sadly my dreams of a perfect podcast kinda went out the window when I found out how much it costs to have high-quality production microphones. Then I had to move on to picking a guest for this project. I had a couple of friends in mind that I wanted to ask, but the more I thought about who to ask, the funniest image came to my head, and that was my brother. With a lot of convincing and maybe some coercion, he agreed to be part of my podcast. With a rough idea of the direction of the podcast and my special guest, all I had to do was write my script. It wasn’t really a script but it was more of an outline or targets I wanted to talk about during the podcast. I wanted the podcast to sound and be the most normal and natural as it could be, but starting off the podcast we experienced some problems, the music was not really helping the podcast and I was scared about having copyright problems so we decided to remove it, as my brother and I started to record, it became very amusing to do this project. 

Using my phone to record, we had multiple attempts at recording and I had multiple test trials of how to get the recording from my phone to my computer. Sadly, with not too much time on my side, I was not able to really edit the recording, I did cut some parts from the beginning and end since it was dead air. So after reviewing my options, I came up with this way of transferring my recording to my computer, which was by emailing the recording to myself using my phone. I was worried the file would be corrupted or would not fully work but nevertheless, I was able to get the recording on my computer. But this was when the problem came in, that was that blogs at Baruch were not letting me post the file. One of my other peers also had the same problem, even when I tried sending the recording through Black Board it wasn’t working. Luckily Prof. Perry allowed me to play the recording loudly to the class, afterwards, I was able to email it to Prof. Perry through of Outlook. I don’t really know why my recording was not supported by Blogs@Baruch, but I was able to get by. 

After a lot of thinking, I still think I don’t want to publish my podcast to the public, the idea of putting this on the internet and keeping it there kinda weirds me out. Maybe if my work was of higher quality, I would want to post it, but this podcast is something I would rather keep private. I think of this podcast more as a funny moment, and a fun project that my brother and I both worked on. My brother too also thinks I should not post it since he thinks this experience was embarrassing. 

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Creative Remix

This is the recording for the Project Three Remix, thank you to any who listened, and any criticisms are welcomed.

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Final Reflection

This semester, there was a lot more writing than last semester, but it was enjoyable, I learned about new topics that I never heard about before. I liked learning about the Black Panthers Party and its relations with the Black Lives Matter Movement, it was a real eye-opening lesson, and watching the film Judas and the Black Messiah showed everything we read and talked about. Likewise, the Women In Red and Wikipedia project was also very enjoyable and interesting to learn. I never thought there was a good way to use Wikipedia. I always refrained from using it, but after learning about how it can be used correctly, I am not uncomfortable using the site. Even more, learning of this movement called Women In Red was also very shocking, I never thought there was an unequal ground for men and women on the site. I hope the 17% of women on the site can jump up to 45 or maybe 50%, it is very unfortunate that we live in a society where one gender is preferred over the other.

One of my favorite Blogs@Baruch posts/assignments we did was the About Us, Student Opinion. It was very enjoyable to read some of the posts my peers wrote, some were about what song best describes you, another one I read was about one’s favorite actor, and a memorable one is one’s secret to a happy life. All of these topics were enjoyable to read. I wrote about what does your hairstyle say about you when I was searching for a topic, I was questioning myself about my hairstyle, I didn’t know if I wanted to get a new hairstyle, and I was torn between getting a buzz cut, growing it all out into a man-bun, or getting my usual. This topic made me want to research what hairstyle best fits me, I learned about face shapes, and the best haircuts for straight or curly hair, and even picked up a few ideas about color theory. One comment made by Mia showed me that there is no fear of having a new haircut since it can always grow back, and like my friend Ray is going to do, I will definitely also try some new hairstyles this summer.

If I had to think of the most challenging assignment I had to do, it would have to be the Women in Red assignment. The hardest thing was researching and cornering all of my resources and the internet to write about my woman in red. Whenever I tried to research Lula Lowe Weeden, there were a handful of sites that talked about her, while the rest were grave finders/caretakers. I also researched the Baruch Library and found out that there was a collection of poems and bibliographies, the problem was that the book was not able to be found within the library. It was tough to look for information, but nevertheless, I was able to get a nice little bibliography about her. This research paper definitely helped me improve my research capabilities and showed me a different side of Wikipedia, it showed me the bad things and problems it had behind its Talk Page.

Just some last little remarks. I enjoyed the class we had, it was a lot of fun, and these projects were really interesting and noteworthy. I have seen that my writing has improved a little but I still have a long road ahead. I wanted to thank you Ms. Perry for a fun year, and to my classmates too, I would like to thank you for making this 7:55 class a enjoyable one.

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Creative Remix Proposal


For my project three Creative Remix, I want to remix Project 1, in regard to the Black Panther Party. My goal is to introduce the BPP to a person who doesn’t know anything about them, showing the outcomes of the group and how did their actions affect their community, as well as how the police saw and portrayed the BPP. In project one, we learned who was the BPP, where did they come from, what did they want, and how their pursuit for equality still lingers and is still seen to this day. To source my information I would have to revisit this project again to get familiar with the work and research more about the BPP. But afterward, I want to create a podcast, where I would interview or talk to someone who knows very little or nothing at all about the Black Panther Party. I haven’t decided yet, but I will ask around to see if anyone would like to do it with me.

I hope that the podcast can also be informational, where anyone can listen to it and get an understanding of the BPP, and who were they. I will make sure that the information that I am presenting could be conveyed and heard properly so that the audience can get familiar with the BPP. I also want to include some jokes, but if anything it’s fine since this podcast is more informational than just a commentary podcast. I believe that the hardest thing I will encounter when doing this podcast is the actual recording and the flow of the podcast, I hope it can be as natural as it can be but as well I will probably have a few scripts that can accurately say what I want to say. Another problem I can see in the future is how a podcast is made, I have a friend who recorded podcasts before so I will probably ask her. I always wanted to try a podcast and see how one is created, I hope that it is very enjoyable and not something I will cringe at later in the future.

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7-day log

Day 1: I made my account under Captain Spork 77, and now I have to do the game, I don’t have a single clue on how to edit or create, but I hope I can learn this quickly. It sucks that this assignment can’t be done at Baruch, I really can’t focus at home. I never knew that anyone can write and edit Wikipedia, it does reassure me that there are experts that check and clean the articles but it’s silly how anyone can access the articles and change them.

Day 2: I tried to find the most info I could find, sadly I only have one website where some info about Lula Lowe Weeden was mentioned and talked about. The rest of the websites redirected me to find a gravestone. I Baruch did carry a book t about early 1900s black poets, but when I tried looking for it, it seemed to be missing or taken, Im not sure what happened to the book. I wrote some notes/paragraphs about Lula Lowe Weeden, it’s not a lot but from the information I got, Ms. Weeden was very cool. I’m still trying to get used to using Wikipedia.

Day 3: I wrote a biography about Ms. Weeden on Wikipedia, it’s on Sandbox, I just don’t know how to “post-it” but I also have to change the title. I’ve been scrolling through Wikipedia trying to find any instance of prejudice against women in the talk tab, but I haven’t really found anything. Amusingly I did find two people fighting over a picture of Kim Kardashian, they were fighting over lighting and professionalism, reading their comments made me laugh and smile a couple of times.

Day 4: Started working on my essay, I’m having some problems with my thesis, but it’s just that anything I can think of makes my writing sound weird but it is probably just me. Aside from that, I kept looking around on Wikipedia to find some prejudice, I believe I did find one, on Sandra Bullock’s Wikipedia page. I found it weird that this was commented on the talk page, “Sandra Bullock is considered as “One of the Most Fine Women of Her Generation” Mackkr7 (talk) 21:24, 30 June 2022 (UTC)”. It was weird that this writer wanted to write that on her page, more over the administrator also commented that they wanted the writer to clear up on what to change. I thought the administrator would instead be against this change, but it seemed like he just wanted to know where to include the change.

Day 5: I guess I have all of the information I could find on Lula Lowe Weeden, I wrote a little bubble paragraph about her that I would include in the essay, talking about this essay, I still haven’t finished it, but I’m still working on it.

Day 6: I’m halfway done with my essay, the work has been very tolling, but I had to continue. I’m still on the lookout to find any more instances of where misrepresentation or harassment has occurred. Nothing too damaging, just people that can’t convey themselves properly, and make themselves look like a fool.

Day 7: It has been a long journey, I’ve posted the Lula Lowe Weeden article and just waiting for revision or the go-ahead to post. As well I finished the argumentative essay. I wrote as much as I can but at the same time, I didn’t want to pat this paper, writing this made me realize that I must broaden my vocabulary as well as learn to write in an argumentative format. It was very fun to do this essay.

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What does your hairstyle say about you?

Recently, I have been very interested in haircuts, personally, I’ve been doing research on how to pick hairstyles, which ones best match my face, what type of hair I have, learning the names of popular haircuts, and much more. I’ve even tried curling my hair at night with foam sponge hair rollers, it would come out nice in the morning, but when I leave my house my hair would go back to normal. I’m still in the process of finding a haircut that fits me, so when I saw an article like this, it attracted my attention immediately.

This article asked students questions about their own hairstyles and what their hair means to them, the few responses I read acknowledged that hairstyles do indeed play a big role in a person’s personality but it also defines them, and I would have to say that I agree. Hair is an outlet where you can express yourself, you can color it, design it, style it, cut it, or even shave it all off. For example, recently I thought about cutting off my hair, I wanted to have a buzzcut, but when I brought it up to my parents, they told me a buzzcut could look good, but believed that my hair defined me. When I asked them what they meant, they told me that for years I had been growing my hair to have a middle part, and a middle part with glasses looks very intelligent but can also be styled to look lazy. That’s the way I am, they told me, some days I can be intelligent, and other days I’m a lazy person who can’t get out of bed. The more I see myself in the mirror every day, the more I see what they mean, and it kinda bothers me that they might be right.

This was one hairstyle from the article that I like a lot.

^ This is a link to the article 🙂

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These Women Were the Unsung Heroes of the Black Panther Party

When we look back at the history of the Black Panther Party we often see the male leaders and the movements/protests they did, but as we discussed in class women also played an important role in the making of this party. The video “These Women Were the Unsung Heroes of the Black Panther Party”, tells us that in fact women played a very important political role and as well were the ones who recruited many members of the party. Elaine Brown was the Chairwoman of the Black Panther Party from 1974-77, she was a skilled editor for The Black Panther. She founded multiple nonprofits aimed at bettering the Justice System, one key one is the NARPR, the National Alliance for Radical Prison Reform, which helps prisoners after they have been realized. Kathleen Cleaver is another important woman role model, she would join the group when she married Eldridge Claver, she would work as the National Communications Secretary and helped in the release of Huey P. Newton. Later sadly she would leave due to experiencing a lot of misogyny within the Black Panther group. Nevertheless, women played a very important and powerful role in the creating, building, and expanding of the Black Panther Party.

This is the video I watched
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Interview Questions

Hello, my name is Ralphie Fajardo, I live in Staten Island and I am majoring in accounting. I was born in Brooklyn but raised in Ecuador, once I started 4th grade, I moved to New York to have a better education but as well to grow up in one of the best cities in the world. My dream is to give back to the people who helped me. I want to become financially stable so that I can help out my family, especially my father and mother, and be a symbol of hope, strength, inspiration, and a brighter future for my family. I have a long way to go, but I know one day, I will achieve this dream. One thing I’m very proud of is my discipline to attend class everyday, early and ready for anything that can come my way.

In class I talked to Hope (That’s a dope name by the way), she comes to Baruch from Queens and is currently undecided on her major. One thing both Hope and I have in common is that we both have siblings, Hope has an older sister, and I have a younger brother. When we talked, I asked Hope what would she write in her tombstone/gravestone and she responded with Live, Love and Laugh. This reminded me a lot of those Facebook minion posts that every mom has showed you on their phone. Though, I do miss those wholesome minion motivational posts.

Live Laugh Love on Twitter: "#LIVELAUGHLOVE HAVE GOT A #MINION! :D" / Twitter
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