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Wikipedia Process Journal

Day 1

The creation of my Wikipedia account happened at home. Due to the IP address being blocked at Baruch, it was impossible to create an account on campus. It was very interesting to see that anyone can access and edit something just by creating an account.

Day 2

I completed the “Wikipedia Adventure” game which was confusing at first but after a while I was able to figure it out. I was a bit confused as to why I had to complete the game but I still did it. I searched for some videos on Youtube to find videos explaining how to edit articles. 

Day 3

I found my woman in red. I chose Ieshia Evans who was a Black Lives Matter activist back in 2016. I only found a couple of website articles that mentioned her name and the rest were just some photos she was in. I remember hearing about her back in 2020 when the Black Lives Matter movement was heightened.

Day 4

I did some research comparing how women are written on Wikipedia vs how men are written on Wikipedia. The first thing I noticed was the difference in the photos they used. Male celebrity photos like Harry Styles are of them performing, and being active in their passion. Female celebrity photos like Cardi B do not seem professional at all and are seemingly screenshots from videos, not showing their passions at all.

Day 5

I wrote a brief biography about Ieshia Evans. It was really interesting researching her life and what she did outside of being an activist for the Black Lives Matter movement. However, I was a bit confused about how to post the biography on Wikipedia. I also was on the website to look up examples of when women were being affected by the patriarchy.

Day 6

I started to work on my argumentative essay. I’m really excited to add my thoughts and opinions on the feminist theory and talk about my woman in red.

Day 7

I was still continuing to finish my paper. I also was in the process of trying to upload my Wikipedia article. I never realized how interesting it is to write an argumentative essay!

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Final Reflection – Hope Ki

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The Power of Media in BLM and BPP – Hope Ki

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Reflective Essay – Hope Ki

My written reflection on project 3!

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What Does Your Hairstyle Say About You?

I have always grown up with pin-straight dark brown hair. One day when I was in the third grade my mom suddenly got tired of my long hair and decided to chop it in the bathtub. Of course, it was uneven, choppy, and awful. However, the haircut itself was not the worst part, it was the fact that I had to go to school the next day. Feeling awful for what she did, my mom allowed me to go to the salon right after school and let me get whatever I wanted. Highlights, bangs, and curls. After that day, I have never trusted anyone with my hair unless it was a salon.

I take great pride in my hair. If my hair does not look good that day, my mood is ruined. I agree with the students in the article, a hairstyle can define you and your personality. You can show off your aesthetic through it by its length, color, and curl. Personally, I style my hair at night. After my shower, I dry my hair and put my face-framing pieces in rollers and the rest of my hair into a bun. The next morning my hair is voluminous.

When I decide that I need a sudden change in my life, I will cut my hair. I can’t wait to cut my hair off after finishing my finals for a fresh new start!

Article link!

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Project 3: Creative Remix Proposal

For the third project, I intend to focus on the first project we worked on. I will be talking about how differently and similarly the Black Panther Party and the Black Lives Matter movement used their resources in order to speak out about what they believed in. Through my podcast, I will be able to give a further in-depth analysis of why each movement used their source of campaign for their time period. I would like to recite some raw sources like newspaper clippings or specific social media posts.

I anticipate the medium will change the message being derived as instead of reading about an article or paper, you will be audibly educated. While conducting this assignment, I will be referencing back to my first project a lot. I believe that while delivering my project, you will be able to find a positive correlation between the two movements and the effects they both had on one another.

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These Women Were the Unsung Heroes of the Black Panther Party: A Film Review

A photo taken at a Free Huey Newton Rally in 1968 with five of the six women identifiable—Delores Henderson, Joyce Lee, Mary Ann Carlton, Joyce Means and Paula Hill—provides testament to those who actualized the daily operations of the Black Panther Party. NMAAHC, gift of the Pirkle Jones Foundation, ©2011 Pirkle Jones Foundation

The film, “These Women Were the Unsung Heroes of the Black Panther Party”, speaks about women’s contribution to the Black Panther Party and the success behind it. While media often tends to show more male leaders in the movement, the film brings a different light into the picture as women also played a significant role in the creation, success, and expansion of the party. Elaine Brown, chairwoman of the Black Panther Party, founded several nonprofits (like the National Alliance for Radical Prison Reform) that focused on improving the justice system. Kathleen Cleaver worked as the National Communication Secretary, however, left due to the misogyny she faced within the Black Panther Party. Angela Davis was a fighter for the Black Panther Party, advocating for the abolishment of prison. These women all played a notable role in the party but still have not been credited enough for their actions. Although they fought as equally as men did, they lack in recognition for their work.

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Interview Questions

Share a happy childhood memory.

Growing up, I had an older sister who had participated in my elementary school’s morning band practices. As my dad took the subway to the city for work, my mom, sister, and I were left with the blue Nissan minivan, that would take us to school. Every morning, my mom would first drop off my sister for her brand practices and then would wait with me in the car until it was my turn to go to school. However, one day, after dropping my sister off, she headed off in a different direction and instead went to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts. She had bought me a strawberry cream donut. Little 7-year-old me was ecstatic at the idea that my mom had taken me there, just the two of us, me and her. Although it was the smallest action my mom could have done, it has still stuck with me these past ten years. 

While discussing childhood memories, my partner, Ralphie, shared the funniest and most nostalgic story ever. When Ralphie and his brother were young, they rode their bikes down a mountain. However, due to the steepness and unfortunately his younger brother’s breaks not working, it resulted in his brother liberating himself off the bike and plopping down onto the grass. Ralphie explained how he remembers just being confused at first but then bursting into laughter because of his lack of control over his brother’s fall. It reminded me of my childhood as well, first learning how to ride bikes but failing at doing so.

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