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For this project, I am using my essay from our Women in Red essay with a focus on Brenda L. Strong Frazier and am making a visual presentation of the topic. Covering gender bias, abortion rights, gender equality, laws and more.

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Project 3: Creative Remix Proposal

For the third project, I intend to focus on the first project we worked on. I will be talking about how differently and similarly the Black Panther Party and the Black Lives Matter movement used their resources in order to speak out about what they believed in. Through my podcast, I will be able to give a further in-depth analysis of why each movement used their source of campaign for their time period. I would like to recite some raw sources like newspaper clippings or specific social media posts.

I anticipate the medium will change the message being derived as instead of reading about an article or paper, you will be audibly educated. While conducting this assignment, I will be referencing back to my first project a lot. I believe that while delivering my project, you will be able to find a positive correlation between the two movements and the effects they both had on one another.

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Creative Remix Proposal

For the Creative Remix Project, I will be choosing my project 2. In this essay, I wrote about gender bias on Wikipedia and about my Woman in Red. I will also add elements of Feminist Theory and the Patriarchy, as they were mentioned in my essay. I will be doing a podcast, roughly 8-10 minutes long, and I will be having a guest speaker. I will make the podcast a simple conversation between two people. I am planning on diving deep into reasons for gender bias and want to incorporate ways to combat it. 

I believe that the change of medium from an essay to a podcast will make the topics more impactful. With a podcast, viewers are hearing, rather reading, the information. The use of voices could impact the emotional aspect, as when a person on the podcast may exclaim shock, the viewer may exclaim shock as well. This would add to the impactfullness of the information being given. Since the podcast will only be a couple minutes long, I think it would make sense to speak about the most important topics about the essay, and in this instance, it would be gender bias on Wikipedia. I will be taking sources into account. The hard part will be squeezing the information to make it only a couple minutes, which is why we will only be mentioning the most important parts of the essay. I decided to choose a podcast because it is something that I have never done before, and doing it would be fun. 

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The Proposal

Hi my name is Amir Aslam and I’ll be working on Project 3 individually. For this final assignment, I will be focusing on Project 2 to further explain the imagine for a stronger medium. The project will be focusing on Wikipedia’s gender bias and Exclusion of women how it affected the view on women. This will be showing all the disadvantage, oppression, and misogynies that has been going around for awhile. The modalities that I will be utilizing will be picture of certain occasion with the following of captions for each picture.

A quick summary of where I will be headed is, “Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that has become a go-to source for many students, researchers, and curious individuals looking to expand their knowledge on a variety of topics. However, one of the major criticisms of Wikipedia is its gender bias and exclusion of women. The website is predominantly written and edited by men, with less than 20% of its contributors being women. This lack of representation has resulted in a bias toward male perspectives, leading to a skewed view on women in history, society, and various fields.” In the end I hope it comes out good for everyone liking.

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Project Proposal

I am working individually for this project. The project I am reimagining for new medium is project 1, the Black panther party project. The aspects of my work I plan on focusing on are descriptive analysis of the time period and how it relates to modern time. I will be using google slides for my project.

I anticipate the medium will change the message by giving visual representations and also just providing a simpler way to grasp the similarities/differences between the BPP and BLM now. The sourcing will go sort of just like me looking up images from trusted sites or going on journals such as NYT etc. and using images they may have used. I anticipate the challenges to be finding plentiful information about correct modern day correlations of the BPP, i plan to meet them with just working my way around the research. The primary choice for choosing this is because my original proposal which would have been the Women in Red project didn’t really have the potential for becoming a cohesive slideshow with abundant visuals etc, not compared to project 1, which is why i chose it.

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Project 3 Proposal

For project three I will be working alone. I will be reimagining project 2 with a new medium, I will be doing a slide show. I will be focusing on the life of my woman in red I chose, which is Vivian Lucille Pierce. Through my slideshow I will be diving deeper into her life story and explain how she should be getting the respect which she unfairly does not gain from wikipedia.

I anticipate the change in medium to have a positive effect on delivering the message of her life. I feel as though nowadays our generation and people in general have a much smaller attention span. So, explaining and showing her life within a slideshow with pictures would increase the amount of support or attention it will gain than just an essay. For new material I will be getting images for different subjects which describes Pierces life. I chose this medium because I felt that it would be good to showcase how her life transitioned from her youth to when she was older.

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Jason Hernandez. Project 3 proposal

I will be working by myself. My project will be revolving around the first project in the topic of how both the BLM and BPP organizations were affected by fashion or how they effected fashion. I decided to use slides as my medium for the project.

The use of slides as my medium will be affective in bringing visuals towards my presentation. It will help in keeping my audience entertained and give them a better understanding about my topic. This will be different compared to the first project because it will be revolved around the impacts of fashion on both organizations. I will be looking at sources that mainly talks about fashion. My main challenge will be making sure that I am able to make my claim clear and visible and audience. I want to catch the eye of my audience and provide enough information for my presentation. Since fashion is something we visibly see in many different forms, I believe these slides will help create this reimagine statement of my essay. But I also plan on speaking upon other issues besides just clothing and models. or i will try to dive deeper towards the topic of fashion.

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For my third project I intend to focus on the first project, more specifically the Black Panther Party and Black Lives Matter’s use of media. This is slightly different than my original proposal idea, which surrounded the idea that the way they were individually structured were beneficial to their time period. My message aims to be both informational and a source of encouragement for more activism to come. I would like to make a video which serves as a collection of photos and videos of the Black Panther Party and the Black Lives Matter movement. I would also like to recite some kind of poetry, motivational speech, or other spoken word as background for the photos. I am a bit nervous about finding credible photos as it is a different kind of media that I am less familiar with. However, I am also slightly excited for this new experience and I am entering it with high hopes.

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The Proposal

Hello! My name is Ariel and I’ll be working on Project 3 individually. For this assignment, I will be focusing on Project 2 to reimagine for a new medium. I will specifically focus on the Black Panther Party and FBI disturbance. This would be showing key moments in the Black Panthers Party era that were hugely impacted by the FBI: Including but not limited to inner-party informants, raiding of headquarters, and the death of Fred Hampton. The modalities that I will be utilizing will be a “mashup”, including voice overs (small clips of podcasts), clips of interviews, images, snips of newspapers, and my own personal creative videos to help capture the story. It is still under revision but it will follow a basic format like:

Hook (Starting scene that will tie back to the BPP) -> Intro of BPP (No more than a few minutes of a brief but educational introduction)-> Major Issues (What Stopped the BPP from being successful?)-> Introducing The FBI (Official Papers)-> Evidence (Video clips, news papers, interviews) + credits at the end

I anticipate that while I conduct this assignment, the usage recreating a previous assignment of the BPP will not only show a deeper understanding of the party but also a way to better grasp the attention of viewers that an essay based paper can’t do. In doing this, rather than just seeming to be gathering information of the BPP, I will actually spreading awareness about the group and how we see it today, which changes completely the message despite me trying to achieve that in Project 1. Not to mention, Project 1 was based on just having one readership, but now, the intended audience will be “publication”, which changes the message because now you have to expand to satisfy as much people as you can. Because I will be doing my own touch for this project to be different from just an essay, I have to stop thinking in the mindset of a documentary or a reporter. I have to think like I’m talking with someone who has no idea what I’m talking about, but that I’m trying to convince into paying attention to this issues without seeming like a “Believe in this conspiracy!” kind of person.

Since I am not very talented in the video editing department, I do anticipate some challenge in trying to find my way around making a video that makes sense and that works the way I want, because it is completely different to think about how I want a video to look vs how it turns out to be. In addition, I want my project to look high end, so I have to prepare high quality evidence that is credited and that is simple to digest, which can be hard for me because I like to include a lot of information. My primary reason for making the choices I will make in terms of medium and prior work to reimagine is because I want to entrain my viewers, I don’t want to make a project that will be seen as boring to my teacher or my classmates, so I definitely want to do something that will be worth my time and theirs. And in doing that, that means trying to stay away from just putting out information everyone knows and rather, make it seem like a entertaining story.

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For this project Jing, Jianping and I are going to reimagine project 2 by creating a podcast. We are going to discuss the issues that are going on in Wikipedia towards female editors. Those negative harassment and actions that the female editors had faced while writing in Wikipedia. The unfair treatment that the female editors had faced. Also the huge gender gap in Wikipedia.

Comparing podcast to essay, podcast might have a lower percentage that the audience won’t be able to focus and finish the whole argument. Podcasts are also shorter and it’s a faster way of understanding what the podcast is trying to tell. Some challenges that we might face is that it might be hard to catch the audience’s attention and that we can’t throw evidence to show the audience. This will just make it no big difference from an essay. For this podcast we are planning to talk about what we faced or had seen in Wikipedia towards females. The primary reason for why we had chosen this topic is because this has been a huge issue in Wikipedia and that it had been there for a long period of time with no solution. Also that it seems like not everyone had realized that these issues had been there for a real time. For example, before doing project 2 I didn’t know that there was such a big gender gap in Wikipedia. All I know is that not all information in Wikipedia is reliable. So this is really important for us to tell the audience the issues that have been going on in Wikipedia.

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