Ten point program

Maggie Lin, Jing wang

1)Hate crime of different races should be stopped

2)Free shelter for homeless people

3)Drug off in public areas

4)Limit the amount of the gun purchase per each person 

5)We want free or more affordable healthcare 

6)We want women to have the freedom of abortion 

7)Equality for different gender, group, work field and race

8)Immigrants having opportunities to stay

9)No war with other nations unless other nations started 

10)More funding for public schools

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5 Responses to Ten point program

  1. AMARI ASANTE says:

    Arent most homeless shelters free?

  2. MIA MUNOZ says:

    I agree with the last one because I think it would make public schools more secure and will also allow then to get more resources leading to better education.

  3. AMIR ASLAM says:

    I agree with all of these especially the last one, since I went to a public school and if they had more funding the School would of been a lot better.

  4. I agree with the last point, the public school does need a lot of funding to renovate its facility and improve the quality of student lunch.

  5. I agree with wanting free healthcare but my only issue with it is that if prices for healthcare are lowered for all, wouldn’t inflation become another direct rising effect of that since taxes will have to be increased to do such a thing for healthcare prices.

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