Ten Point Program

Adam Mapoy

1. We want mental care and health institutions for the homeless.

2. We want to get rid of hostile/anti-homeless architecture.

3. We want cops to protect our people in high danger areas.

4. We want equal job opportunities for all people, regardless of who they are.

5. We want everlasting peace between all nations.

6. We want more funding for public schools.

7. We want our teachers and professors to be paid more for what they do.

8. We want more diversity in feminism.

9, We want to take measures to protect and save our Earth.

10. We want to get rid of implicit bias regarding race and other factors in the healthcare system.

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3 Responses to Ten Point Program

  1. AMY LEE says:

    I completely agree with 9. Today our Earth is not in good condition and there is a huge difference in the environment from today and many years ago. Everybody should put in the effort to stop damaging the environment we live in.

  2. AMARI ASANTE says:

    Everlasting peace would be nice.

  3. I really agree with #3. I see so much more cops in popular places in the city such as union square or times square. But I barely see any within the areas that we all live in.

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