Seven Day Log

Day 1;

The project was first introduced, and I began brainstorming what I was going to research. I opened up Wikipedia to see what the page looks like and familiarize myself with what I was going to be working with.

Day 2:

I haven’t created an account on Wikipedia yet, finding difficulty as it is blocking my IP and preventing me from creating my account at all. Trying with 3 different emails I have come to the conclusion it is the school internet is the problem. The Baruch College I.P. and public library I.P. was both bans by from creating a Wikipedia account, I was faced with a major problem.

Day 3:

I opted to borrow a friends Wikipedia account and begun my adventure learning how to navigate through the site. I opened Wikipedia adventure to scroll through the tutorials and finished relatively quickly. After a scan through the list of Women in red, I was struggling to pick a woman in red to do research on.

Day 4:

I began to narrow down my search and wanted to pick an activist specifically from the United States. I looked into the Talk feature and View History Page. Surprisingly for Wikipedia, a lot of things had no discussion forms at all for some reason.

Day 5:

After my account is finally created username “HeGotThatDogInHim”, I was looking at what Wikipedia wanted to show me. It was showing me what I can do, where to find what and editing. Later I started the editing tutorial it shows me how Wikipedia works, and I was just following the instruction.

Day 6:

I decided on a US activist her name being Karen Tramontano and when I clicked on her name it was to my surprise there were no articles pertaining to her at all.  I began searching for information about where she lived and her origin. The link Karen A. Tramontano – Blue Star Strategies LLC is a quick background of Karen and how her organization became to be.

Day 7:

I have begun drafting my page and this has to be the challenging part of this project. I haven’t quite figured out what I am going to add and how i should go about writing my page. I have the woman I am researching and some creditable links, I will continue to spend the next few days working on my page.

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  1. ADAM MAPOY says:

    I hadn’t previously known that Baruch banned the creation of a Wikipedia account, which I think is a little crazy. That surely must of been a pain in trying to create one. Also, I am a big fan of your username.

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