Media Rules Everything Around Me – M.R.E.A.M.

The Medium is the Massage is best described as a candid look at the truth about society’s unconscious dependence on media. The various designs and seemingly arbitrary quotes thrown in between the blocks of exposition. Knowing that this was published in the 60s is unbelievable considering the insight into the downfalls that advancing electronic technology, such as the permanence of information that occurs when privacy becomes scarce. The Medium is the Massage maintains its relevance despite being published several decades ago.

Though every section echoes the same theme, each portion focuses on things that technological advancements have tainted. One section in particular that stood out to me for its accusatory statements about children in the 60s claims that the modern child is “growing up absurd” due to television exposing him or her to “adult” problems. Though what the writer is saying true, his wording has undertones of superiority and disgust, exhibiting a problem considerably more troubling than children being exposed to the real world too early. Even if cynical analyses and social commentators are there to point out faults, they rarely advise how to correct them.
Luckily, The Medium is the Massage makes up for this complaint by being full of interesting points about the media’s obvious effect on anything that can be changed and about how interconnected the media is with the the overall human experience . Overall, it was a pretty decent reading to be assigned.

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