Inventory of Interests


Your response to these questions is voluntary.  The information will be used for program planning purposes once we are allowed to have on campus activities. Please email this form to


Contact Information:
Your Name:






Hours You Plan to Be at Baruch:











Aspirations:   Scholars have divided adjunct faculty into four main sub-groups.  To which of these groups do you belong?  (You may check more than one.)
ð       Professionals (ie. people who are employed full-time elsewhere who enjoy teaching.


ð        Freelancers (people who teach to supplement income derived from creative fields (writer, musician, film maker, painter)


ð       Aspiring academics (people who wish to become tenure stream or permanent faculty)


ð       Staff members (people already employed in another capacity at Baruch who seek additional income or professional experience)


ð       Other. Please define if you do not fit into any group above








Programming Interests:


1.       Professional Development

ð        Classroom Skills

ð        Managing Student Behavior

ð       Learning new skills (such as preparing a dossier for academic applications, writing grants, mastering new technologies)


2.       Social Events

ð       Brown Bag lunches

ð       Bookclubs

ð       Community of Scholars

ð       Baruch events such as lectures, gallery openings, theater


3.       Other:






4.       Are there any programs or workshops that you would like to offer for other adjuncts?









General Comments:  Feel free to offer guidance on what Baruch might do to make your teaching experience here more fulfilling.