The Making of my Project

Honestly, when Professor Eversley first told us about our digital projects I really freaked out but as usual I didn’t worry about it because I only worry about things when they actually have to be done. As the time approached I felt the anxiety and my stress level rising. At first I really thought I would have sit somewhere and record myself talking about a topic. Not only that but also in reality there is nothing worse than hearing your voice from a recording. I have the voice of a little child, when I’m at work and I answer the phone I always get questions like “How old are you?”  However, as the semester went on. I learned a lot. I learned to look at reading closely and when I didn’t understand something Professor Eversley would explain her ideas in a way I would never be able to see and realize by just reading. “Their Eyes were Watching God” really stuck with me. I’m a sucker for love stories but also tragedies. I would even tell my friends about the book, it was pretty much like I was there having coffee with Janie as she was telling me her unlinear life story.  The reason I grew so much love for the book was because Janie changed. Usually in real life when people change we tend to blame them or even stop being friends with them. When in reality it is something that we all go through.  We all change, some of us change every single day meanwhile some of us change little by little. It honestly depends on the circumstances and obstacles we face in life. Although, the novel didn’t have a happy ending. I was happy for Janie. I was so happy that she had become a woman. She had figured out whom she was. She had figured out her voice. She had figured out strength to leave when something wasn’t good anymore. But we all knew that already…which is why I wanted to talk about the abuse. Domestic abuse is something so upsetting but it is something that you or someone you known has gone through. It is also something that can make you change like it did to Janie. But also something that can make you a stronger person. A two minute video isn’t enough time to teach about domestic abuse but it is something that we often ignore when it comes to real life. I’ve had so many friends who have given their “boyfriends” another chance in abusive relationships. It is also good to remind yourself that domestic abuse doesn’t have to only be physical, it can happen in other ways which is why it is so common.

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  1. r.choudry says:

    I agree with you! I was freaked out about this project. In the end, I learned new methods and tricks for producing this project. You’re right about how once you start speaking about certain topic 2-3 minutes are never enough for it. Especially about the topic you’re discussing ‘domestic abuse’.

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