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I grew up listening to Kanye West. Even though his style is different and sometimes he didn’t make much sense to me, I always found his music and his lyrics very interesting and challenging. Kanye has been a very distinguished character way before too many people who are now criticizing him and his ideas. People would listen and get inspired by him, they would cite him any way possible and call him one of the best rappers of the history; he was weird but they still liked his crazy.

When you start to become a little bigger than just your regular fan base, you should expect others not agreeing with sometimes with your views and perspectives. That is why, most of the time, celebrities are very careful with their word choice and they might often come across as fake, not because they want to but because it is very difficult to say certain stuff so that you can please everyone. One mistake and you are out!

Now, Kanye West has been in the industry for quite a while, and I think that he has come to a point where he knows that he can affect a massive group of people (and especially young adults) and he wants to make a change, to use his platform for more than just music. I understand that, and I think that every celebrity should make the best out of their fame, but the reason why Kanye is having such a backlash is because of his temper and his word choice.

When I watched his recent interviews, some of what he was saying was making sense to me, especially about young adults opening their minds to more than just what they see on TV. But when it came to speaking about the past, that is something that people hold very near and dear to themselves, and that is something that Kanye can’t erase.

Saying that “slavery was a choice” was a tough one for everyone, and his words were unacceptable, even though I believe that those were completely the worst word choice that he could’ve ever chosen to make people listen.

Slavery was not a choice. No one chooses to get brutally beaten everyday or wait for their owner to rape them. No one chooses to watch their children die or get taken away from them. That wasn’t a choice; they didn’t die for nothing Kanye! They sacrificed themselves for all of us to remember how horrible humans can be to other humans if we stop caring, stop loving and make power our priority.

So NO Kanye, Slavery was NOT a choice.


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  1. i.grechka says:

    I absolutley agree with you at this point. So many people were slaved and mistreated in United States against their will. I believe that it is so disrespectfull to call Slavery as a choice. that’s why I believe that ongoing education is the mos timportant thing

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