The Digital Project Truth

I know you are all waiting some big truth about my project, but it’s not that interesting honestly, I just found the tittle to be catchy (lol?) . So to be as honest as I can get, when I came to class last week, I didn’t have my final project ready. I had some footage put together, but the audio was not working, and the project sucked. I sat down in class and I carefully watched every single project that our professor showed that day. I couldn’t believe it. Every one was sharing their own experience and they were being so true and raw and their voices touched me. I felt bad that I didn’t have something of my own to share, because I usually do have something to say other than my opinion and comments, but every one INSPIRED me so much with their stories that I started taking notes about what I loved from what I saw. I never thought that a digital story for a class could give so much information about people that I saw two times a week every semester, (I mean not always because come on, we all missed a class or two) but what I am trying to say is that there was not one project that I didn’t like. Because it wasn’t about the “professional” techniques of the video-making, or about the great visuals presented, it was more about the talents and the thoughtfulness that I saw people putting in to produce a piece that meant something to them.

And so, I went home and I deleted everything that I did before and started fresh, a new page. Just by looking back at the notes, I remembered every single story that I watched and everything else started flowing and creating itself.

Because of that, I want to thank you all for inspiring me and for the help that you gave me without even knowing…

And thank you professor, for being patient, especially with me, it meant a lot to know that I was never out of options. With that being said, please forgive all these posts that I’m writing now that I should’ve done throughout the whole semester. Now I understand 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Digital Project Truth

  1. Audrey-Melody Cubas says:

    This really touched me honestly!! I mean I know I’m only one of a whole class but it really made me happy and very gracious. I actually felt the same way with everyone’s digital stories as well! Including yours! (Which I only now realized I hadn’t watched until now because it was posted after the video watch day) It, well, actually it made me very uncomfortable and kinda horrified me especially at the part with the alligator… But, that’s not really an insult as I’m pretty sure that was the intent of the whole video. To discomfort and challenge us and make sure we do not forget about such horrifying things occuring in the world. Thank you for writing this post and for sharing your digital story!! 🙂

  2. Keli Jarazi says:

    I LOVE your feedback! Thank you so much for your kind words!
    And yes, it was difficult for me to put the videos together, but I had to for every one that takes this subject lightly or calls it “a choice”.
    I had a lot more that I didn’t even post because it was already heavy. I didn’t want to sugarcoat the text either, I wanted to be as raw as everyone else!
    Thank you again, I appreciate it so much!

  3. i.grechka says:

    Life can be complicated I absolutley agree with you and it is so unique that you decide to exprss her feelings in this post. I had a similar experience with the video before.Took me coupe days to figure out

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