As the semester is ending today, I can’t help but think how much am I going to miss this class. I loved the books we read, the music we listened to and the blogs we wrote. I learned new things during the course of this semester. I learned about lynching, (more about) slavery, color, racism in the world (past and present)

My favorite article was “What to a Slave is Fourth of July” by Frederick Douglass. This speech I believe was powerful and astonishing. I learned about how a post-slave felt toward freedom for the whites.

Then, the whole semester sums up in the book “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison. The Details, personal attack, the hidden messages. This book is my all time favorite now. How the narrator attacks the reader at the end of the whole book.  While reading through the book, you are thinking about how much this poor ‘invisible man’ is going through. But in the end, you realize maybe this whole time he was talking about me. Maybe this book was about how I feel or what I been through. There are some places in the book where the reader can relate. I LOVED IT!

Lastly, The Digital story, Oh! this project gave me nightmares for days. I love technology, but I am not that advance with it as much as I thought I was. The thought of how I want the outline and the video to look was settled within two days but making the video and editing it drove me crazy. I had no idea how to do the voice-over. or download videos from youtube and then use only bits of it. I spend over 5-6 hours just learning about which app to use for the video and which app to use for the voice over. which app edits and which website downloads videos. Overall, I DID IT! and even though I am okay with my project, I mean it looked way better in my mind but I am happy. I  learned something new and useful.

Thank you, Professor Shelly.

4 thoughts on “Done

  1. t.davis says:

    I knew I wasn’t the only one who was going to miss this class. The jokes and most importantly the acceptance of everyone equally. What i mean by that is that Professor Eversley always assured us that we are not alone and 9/10 times everyone in the class is thinking the same thing, something that I’ve never had a professor do. I also have to agree with you about Invisible Man being one of my new favorites. It was a really intense novel and I’m glad we used class time to analyze it.

  2. Keli Jarazi says:


    I’ll miss this class as well!!
    I liked Frederic Douglass too! His writing and his story is amazing and so worthy of a reading experience. And I couldn’t agree more about the digital story! We were all so confused in the beginning about what we were going to create, but all the digital stories were so great and thoughtful!

  3. g.pereira says:

    I can’t even explain the attachment I grew towards this class! I honestly never got so interested in a class so much. Professor Eversley is a queen. She was completely right when she said the class might look easy but she was going to put our brains to work. Thank you Professor!

  4. i.grechka says:

    I will miss this super energy that professor used to bring into the class every time on Tuesday and Thursday. this class was the first one from 3 that had these days, the amount of confidence and positive energy definitely made my day.

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