In the poem: “the Slave Auction”. The author raises the most painful and tragic topic of life of a woman who has been slaved and had no control over her life. Regardless on the fact, that all rights were removed already and slavery life was deeply rooted in her mind as a normal lifestyle. What else can be created to humiliate woman’s life? A cruel solution was to touch the most intimate and the most important thing in the life of the woman is her child. Give woman a right to carry on her child and have this experience during the whole nine months, from the first moment when she realized that she will become a mother through that moment when she starts to feel another life inside her until the last moment when she actually gives a birth and feels her children and his heartbeat on her chest. For many women, this moment was the last when they feel that their children belong to them. After giving a birth it was a matter of the time when her kid will be taken away. “The sale began—young girls were there,

Defenseless in their wretchedness, Whose stifled sobs of deep despair

Revealed their anguish and distress”. This quote really good represents a beginning of the scariest moment in each slaved woman, the moment when each of them sees her child for the last time. Inability to take decision for the life of her child.

The title of the poem also highlights the meaningless of the life of the slave woman. the idea to sell human’s life and life of her children on the auction, where is each buyer bits a price and tries to compete with each other to get the full ownership of the child. The slow emotional hit that woman gets each time when she sees another bit price or her child, another type of pain which she receives and this type of pain will kill her slowly from inside during the whole life. “And mothers stood, with streaming eyes, and saw their dearest children sold; Unheeded rose their bitter cries, while tyrants bartered them for gold”. This quote perfectly represents that auction was created to show the woman that she is not only doesn’t have rights to live her own life the way she wants but also show her that she doesn’t have a rights to enjoy her motherhood, by doing this owner reminds that in all aspects of her life. she is a thing, a unit, which has to do its own job and everything that she will create and produce will be not for her but for the slavery machine.