My last thoughts on the class…

It is amazing how a class can open your eyes beyond the limited corners of studying and finishing your obligations as a student.

When I first enrolled in the class, I was a little scared of what was waiting for me on the other side. I thought that my opinion didn’t matter much because I wasn’t raised and taught by my professors about such a big part of our history (at least not in the right way). I thought that the best way for me was to stay quiet and finish my homework and my projects.

But, I think our professor surprised us all a little bit! She was raw and honest from the get-go and she kept it as real as it could get! I started looking at the class differently, and got excited every time I learned to look at something that I knew, in a very different perspective. I learned how to have my own voice and my own opinion about what we read in class with an open mind and curious to learn more.

Everything that our professor taught us in class went far beyond  that. I was exposed to some truths about the history that I always looked at differently, or that I wasn’t sure about. I am sure that this was more than just “African American Literature”. This was also a platform for all of us to have and maybe to spread beyond the walls of our class.

I want to thank everyone who made this class interesting by sharing their personal views and experiences and I also want to deeply thank our professor who showed us that being a professor only limits you when you allow it. I never noticed how important it is to be comfortable to speak in class until I sat down for the first time in our class.

Thank you everyone!!

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