“Dreams,” by Langston Hughes,

In the poem, the author gives us a pretty direct message about the life and how it is important to have a dream in your life. The poem is short not only in the number of its lines but also in the number of syllables in most of those eight lines. It is as if the speaker wants to waste no words. He wants to offer his advice and provide his explanations, as briefly and forcefully as he can. The poem contains only two stanzas and eight lines long but offers reader basic instructions: keep hold of your dreams, because without them the world can be a brutal world. The author continues by telling us what will happen if we allow our dreams to die. Life overall, he says, is a ‘broken-winged bird that cannot fly.’ This quote pretty good shows that the first part of the poem illustrates us an importance of having a dream in your life. He also describes that life is complicated by itself and always will bring us a difficulties but if you will have a dream it makes this hard time way easier and sometimes even when you are going to be completely broken and nothing will help you the dream will be the main component which will put you back on the right track. In the second stanza, Hughes again urges readers to hold fast to their dreams. In this instance, the author compares the loss of a dream to living in a cold and barren field. The author comes back to a hard time in life and gives us an opportunity to see the life without a dream. The author compare it to the barren field. It is a such a strong words to use stagnation in life. Hughes starts out by immediately admonishing readers with a simple piece of advice: to ‘hold fast’ to your dreams. These aren’t the types of dreams you have at night while you’re fast asleep, but rather the dreams of your future, the things you hope for, or the goals you want to achieve By using these metaphors the author convinces reader that it is scary and sad to live your life without a dream it is a not even the life but just existence on this earth.

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  1. r.vereen says:

    You selected an excellent poem to write about. It turns out that “Dreams” ended up being one of my favorite poems during this course. The words are so true. I’ve found that having a dream also builds character and help people grow in many different ways, in many different areas. During the course of life’s journey, there may be a few bumps in the road, mountains to climb and disappointments, but when you do arrive in that place you were striving to land, you will be smarter and appreciate things a lot more.

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