February 1:   Frederick Douglass, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July”*

February 6:   Frances E. W. Harper, Selected Poems* : “The Slave Auction,” “The Slave Mother,” “Bible Defense of Slavery,” and “Learning to Read”

February 8:   Nat Turner, “The Confessions of Nat Turner” (1831)*

February 22: Ida B. Wells, “Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All its Phases”*

February 27: Alain Locke, “The New Negro”*

March 1:         Bruce Nugent, “Smoke, Lilies and Jade”*

and listen to this reading of “Smoke, Lilies and Jade”

March 6:         Sterling Brown, Selected Poems*: “Slim Greer in Hell,” “Riverbank Blues,” Southern Road”

March 8:         Langston Hughes, Selected Poems*:  “Night Funereal in Harlem,” “Dream Variations,” “Weary Blues,” ‘The Negro Speaks of Rivers”

May 3:  Ta-Nehisi Coates, “Why I’m Writing Captain America, And Why it Scares the Hell Out of Me”