The Assignment:

How does one of our course readings help explain the contemporary arguments that support black lives matter?

For your project, develop an argument inspired by one (or more) of our readings.  Use that text based argument to teach your viewer/listener why your argument is important and how it resonates beyond the text.

Your project must include a quote from one of our readings. Use it to illustrate and explain your story’s  primary message.  How can you communicate this message as a lesson your viewer can understand?  Be sure to let the message–which is inspired from one of our readings–guide your project’s design and organization.  Use images, sound, and additional research to help support the claims of your message.

Your project should last between 2-3 minutes, no more. no less.   It should include citations for your source material–this includes image and sound credits, bibliographic details for your primary text (s) and researched evidence (include at least three sources).

You must upload your project to Vimeo or YouTube, allowing for public access.  Then post it to our course blog no later than May 8 at NOON.


Here’s an example by a former student, Johnny Chino: