Dream State Painting

I painted a picture of a black woman sitting alongside the edge of her bed overlooking the moonlight at dusk. The moon is out clearly and the Orion constellation lights the night sky. She sits by her window seal which holds her shea butter, scrunchies, and bobby pins alongside candles-whos flames dance in unison-twin flames. […]

final project proposal

  For my final project proposal, I would like to make a painting. I want to create a piece that I am proud of as this was one of my goals for this time in quarantine to be more creative and not judge my place in painting skills. I often look at art on Instagram and […]

Book of Revelations

. When Bob Marley sings of the angel with the seven sealed angel, it sparked my interest and made me want to research more. In doing so it brought me to the Book of Revelations which too always garnered my attention as something I wanted to study. This final book of the Bible interested me […]

Rasta Man Chant

Bob Marley and the Wailers song Rastaman Chant embodies the thematic spirit of the flying Africans much like Morrisons piece. It speaks of a flight home in a victorious escape from the oppressive state and/or white patriarchy, better recognized as the state of Babylon. Bob Marley sings of a revolution organized around the ideals of […]

A Litany for Survival

  A Litany for Srvival by Audre Lorde most specifically the ending stanzas remind me of the current state of America amidst this pandemic. In this age of the Corona virus many have been so riddled with fear and anxiety over the future that they reached the brinks of irrationality. Where egos and the quest […]

Who Said It Was Simple

I think here Audre Lorde explores the complexities of her identity as both a black person and a woman drained by the fight for the liberation of both social identities. She doesn’t ignore the apparent which is what she appears to the world as. She cant help but to carry her sense of duality in […]

Audre Lorde Power

Poetry kills yourself instead of your children. Poetry takes full accountability of self and the words we share while rhetoric does not. Rhetoric doesn’t belong to just self it isn’t speaking from a singular  experience or a singular interpretation. It is open for all to interpret and use as their own. It is speech meant […]

My Church

      I believe that James Baldwin next to Alice Walker writes and discusses religion in the very way that I have thought about it and it is always great to have your thoughts about something so taboo reassured. The idea of religion has always been something that I questioned and/or had my reservations […]