RastaMan Chant

When I listened to the songs this morning, the one I felt like grabbed my attention was “RastaMan Chant,” by Bob Marley and The Wailers. Maybe it was just the beat of the song and not necessarily what it was saying therefore, I decided to look up the lyrics and read them. First, I needed to know what a “Rastaman” is because I never heard of that before. I did my research and i came to the conclusion that a “Rastaman” is the ultimate Freedom Fighter, battling the conglomeration of sexism, racism, classism, colonialism, and cultural denigration. The hook of this song is, “I say fly away home to Zion (fly away home)” this helps me understand even more that the person singing or who wrote this song is a RastaMan and they know that with what they are fighting and battling for, one day the people will be able to go home or as they state in the song “fly away home”. I feel like the usage of the word flying or to fly is used to define freedom, being free like a bird is something people say and now you could see that it is related to the birds being able to fly. If you could fly then you are ”free” to do what you would like. The song is basically a repetition of the hook and the same lyrics, however the song is still catchy and joyful.