Class Schedule

August 28:                   Introductions

August 30:                   Key words. Shana L. Redmond, “Diaspora” in Keywords for African American Studies, Erica L. Edwards, et. al. (NYU Press)

September 4:                The College is closed.

September 6:                Claude McKay, Harlem Shadows           

September 11:              Harlem Shadows continued.

September 13:              Harlem Shadows continued

September 18:             Marcus Garvey, “The Future as I See It” and “Declaration of the Rights of Negro Peoples of the World” (1920)

September 20:              “Candela,” Jazz Vilá

September 22:              “Candela” performance + conversation with the company 7PM@LATEA, The Clemente, 107 Suffolk Street

September 25:              No classes scheduled.

September 27:              “Black Orpheus” (dir. Marcel Camus, 1959)

October 2:                   ‘We didn’t ask for permission…” exhibition at Mishkin Gallery, 135 E, 22nd Street

October 3:                   “Framing Puerto Rico” event at Mishkin Gallery, 1PM (optional)

October 4:                   Independent work*

October 9:                   College is closed.

October 10:                 Classes follow a Monday schedule.

                                    Yomaira Figueroa, “Your Lips”; Melania Luisa Marte, “Afro-Latina”

October 11:                 Melania Luisa Marte, Plaintains and Our Becomings

October 16:                 Plaintains and Our Becomings continued.

October 18:                 Sharon Lee De La Cruz, I’m A Wild Seed

October 19:                 ‘zine workshop with Sharon Lee De La Cruz (club hours)

October 23:                 Black+Feminist+Study+Theory+Atlas a ‘zine by The Church of Black Feminist Thought

October 25:                 Black+Feminist+Study+Theory+Atlas. continued.

October 30:                 Edwidge Danicat, Krik?  Krak!

November 1:               Krik?  Krak!  continued

November 6:               Krik?  Krak!  continued.

November 8:               Krik?  Krak!  continued.

November 13:              Jamaica Kincaid, My Brother continued.

November 15:              My Brother continued.

November 20:              Reflections. Planning. Research.

November 22:              No classes scheduled.

November 27:              Assata Shakur (selections)

November 29:              Hip Hop poetics

December 4:                Presentations

December 6:                Presentations

December 11:              Conclusions