Roadblocks towards “Self-Reliance”

Emerson’s message of “Self-Reliance” encourages individualism and outside of the box thinking. It can also be the kind of thinking that can be alienating, “not-cool” and have you bullied during recess today. Individualism is shunned at an early age, when it should be celebrated and embraced.

Self-reliance is also at the root of all creativity and innovation. However, society and educational systems fail to nurture and endorse it.

Why do people value and respect business degree’s over degrees that involve Critical thinking/Arts? Some people (cough*ACC majors*cough) believe that degrees are only as valuable as how much of a base salary they can earn.

P.S – I understand some ACC majors do actually find it to be a rewarding path.


Former Accounting Major

2 thoughts on “Roadblocks towards “Self-Reliance”

  1. I feel like the way our public education system puts so much emphasis on passing tests over learning is molding kids to go to college and put more emphasis on how much a degree can make you over what you actually learn. If the education system continues like this our country will be at a huge disadvantage.

  2. I really like your way of thinking with this individualism; the idea that it’s “un-cool” to be different as a child. I totally agree with that… if you were different you were teased. For example, if you were the first to have braces in your class, glasses, different hair or different/unique clothes.

    Also, I think it’s important to remember that on the contrary as we grow up we are encouraged to be different. “If you’re different you’ll get the part in the school play” “You have to stand out to make the soccer team” “If you want to win best dressed you have to dress different” … all the things you were made fun of as a child are now your beautiful flaws, or what makes you a success. Being ordinary won’t get people to remember you.

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