Walt Whitman — Walter White???

I came across an article that talked about the resemblance between Walt Whitman and Walter White from AMC’s TV show “Breaking Bad”.

I love that show! I wish I learned chemistry the real way… đŸ˜‰

Walt Whitman’s famous poem “Leaves of Grass” shows up in the tv show. One of the lines “Gliding Over All” is the name of one of the episodes. Perhaps signaling Walter’s glide toward ascension.

Maybe the producers had this in mind — both of their initials are WW. Walt Whitman. And Walter White.



2 thoughts on “Walt Whitman — Walter White???

  1. hmm, that makes sense considering Walter White transforms into such a radical. Reminds me of Leaves Of Grass when Whitman speaks of accepting the felon just the same as the president because he too could be the greatest poet. interesting

  2. If I’m not mistaken, Walter White uses the fact that he has the same initials as Walt Whitman as a way to throw his DEA agent brother-in-law off his trail. In a book a fellow chemist, who was making the blue meth for Gus and was later slain, cited a “W.W.” as his hero. I think that White deflects attention from himself by noting that the deceased chemist is a fan of Walt Whitman. I’m going to spend some of my post-graduate down time getting reacquainted with Breaking Bad. Great show.

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