Six publications from Printed Matter

October 8th, 2009
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ART 3041: Do-It-Yourself Publishing
Prof. Zoe Sheehan Saldana
Name: Mi Hee Kim

Six publications from

Printed Matter

1. Title: Columbia Road Flower market
Author: Kiyotaka Hatanaka
Price: $18
Binding Style: Single stapled binding style
Printing Method:

This book has a yellowish brown colored cover. It makes me think it is a kind of vintage one even it is brand new. It looks very natural so, I feel comfortable with color and contents that has pictures of people in Columbia Road Flower Market. Each page has lots of space that I really like. In Eastern Asia we usually call it the beauty of space or blank. It makes readers pause what they see or read and then give a time to think about it. Sometimes I think that I communicate with author though the space in the pages. That is why I am interested in this book.

2. Title: The Carge Chain
Author: Workers who make our economy
Price: $6
Binding Style: Folded book structure from single sheet
Printing Method:

The reason why I’m interested in this book is that the cover and the color on it. The cover is a half clearness writing paper and is like a file. The title is orange color with white background. The color is really fresh looking that makes me curious.

3. Title: Material
Author: texts by visual artists (Becky Beasley.,)
Price: $15
Binding Style: Single stapled binding style and covered by clearness package
Printing Method:

The texts that are made by several visual artists on the cover were beautiful. The title is placed vertically with unique structure of typography. The book looks simple (almost black and white), but it is enough to give a specialty with only unique typography.

4. Title: Fore
Author: Visitor
Price: $85
Binding Style:
Printing Method: Texts and pictures are cut off

This book was not printed. Each page has picture and text that is cut off. I could see a handmade with dedicate skill. The book was enough to give a fun even though there is only one yellowish brown color.

5. Title: The Journal of Popular Noise
Author: Featuring Sounds by Climax Golden Twins,
Pwrfl Power, Linda & Ron’s Dad
Price: $30
Binding Style: Folded book structure from single sheet
Printing Method:

This is not a typical book. It is a mini LP record, but it looks so fun.  The folding structure was really interesting. Only three colors that is hot pink, black and white were there, but it looks even cool with the LP record. This is one of what I want to make this semester.

6. Title: Basso Magazine #7
Price: $10
Binding Style: Single stapled binding style
Printing Method:

The magazine structure and contents are boring but, the drawing on the front and back cover was interesting and beautiful. A well painted in watercolors give a nice and artistic image. The front side of cover looks like a back cover, because I am familiar with typical book nowadays. Through this experience, I thought I am already living with lots of stereotype.

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September 17th, 2009
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