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Mar 21

As we know technology is been extended now days, which it makes things easy for us. Some people love it, other’s not much. all this new technology makes our lives much easier. Rose’s assertion about  new media  that now days everyone have access to any kind of program, which the new media make us participate with the new technology.

In fact, the blogs are make to express ourselves through the computer is like we are in control on whatever we want to say, and sometimes we dare not to say. We also , can be part of any change that we want to make in any website or  blog.

I like the way , Jay Rose refers to”the people formerly known as the audience ” he is right now people not just want to get information but also , they want to interact with the new media, that’s why facebook has been so successful because it allows us to be part of it. I think we are in control of the new  media because we have the choice of how  we set up our privacy.

Mar 12

I found is so easy to made it, is just that I’m very indecisive with a little things that usually  takes me longer. In this case was the picture, i was looking for someone with more expressions on the face  and something that goes more with the lines. I thought about something related with Baruch and as everyone knows the library goes insane when we are in finals, I came out with this lines.

Mar 05

When I started reading the first pages of the book when he talks about Tv, it reminds me when I was in High School and I used to have a lot time and all I used to do it was watching Tv . Since , I got up the first thing I did was turn on the television and get ready for school, I used to have breakfast in the living room with television on, do my homework, and cleaning my bedroom the same way. I remember that after my classes, I used to run to get to my house to watch my favorite Tv show, it was insane how Tv used to control my life. At the beginning my mom didnt say anything she thought it was normal and because she has to work many hours she didn’t notice for how long I was watching Tv and during the weekends I used to go out with friends and my dance classes, church, so for my mom that was normal I used to behave as a good girl, until she started coming early for work is when she find that out that I had an addiction with the Tv ,she was so mad at me that she cancel the cable and we didn’t have Tv for a few months. After, I stop watching Tv and because my life totally changed now if I watch Tv 5 hours a week Im lucky is because between school,my job and my yoga classes absorb all my free time. Shirky also, compare Tv with Gin ,which is true both things can give an addiction.