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Independent Study & Internship

Prior to graduation, all Baruch College Graphic Communication Majors must complete either ART 5000, Independent Study, or ART 5010, Internship in Graphic Communication. The approval and registration process for these courses is a bit complex and must be followed carefully to achieve success. This website provides relevant information to assist you along that path.

Mandatory Meeting

Each semester, there is a mandatory meeting for all students who would like to be considered for Independent Study/Internship for the following semester. This meeting is usually held in the middle of the semester on a Thursday during club hours in Room VC7-130. The meeting provides information and instruction on eligibility, application, and registration for these courses.

If you are enrolled in any 3000 level Graphics Communication class, you will be notified by email about the meeting. There will also be posters in the Graphic Communication classrooms and on the Department of Fine & Performing Arts bulletin board.

If you are not enrolled in a Graphics course but would like to be apprised of the meeting date, please contact a Graphics professor right away.


Pre-requisites for both ART 5000 and ART 5010 are:
•ART 2050 (Basic Graphic Communication)
•ART 3050 (Intermediate Graphic Communication)
•Art 3058 (Print Production)

If you have not completed the required prerequisites by the end of the semester prior to taking ART 5000 or 5010, you may still wish to attend the meeting to get a sense of what lies ahead.


To be considered for either ART 5000 or ART 5010 you must apply and be successful in your application. For both ART 5000 and 5010, your application will consist of a Letter of Intent, a Resume, and a Portfolio. If you are planning on doing an Independent Study, you will also be required to create a short proposal for the project you would like to realize.

Your application materials must be submitted by a specific date. Late work will not be accepted. The application will be considered by the graphic communication faculty.

Note for potential Independent Study candidates

If you already know you would like to do an Independent Study rather than an Internship, please have an idea of what you would like to do.

A final note for everyone: Independent Study and Internship are offered in Fall and Spring semesters ONLY.