Go Tell It on the Mountain- Initial Reading

What intrigued me the most about the opening discussion we had in class was how quickly we came to agree that John is gay and simply infatuated with Elisha. Reading the novel I understand that it’s where James Baldwin is heading and therefore I agree that ultimately that’s where he ends up. However, my initial reading of that section was more of a description of awe. I can relate to the sense of awe that a person has for another when they truly respect and admire them. Simply for being who they are and appreciating their journey to get there. I would argue contrary to the Professor’s assertion that John adored Elisha to the point that he wanted to hear everything Elisha had to say, eat up anything that Elisha would throw at him, not because John was aroused by Elisha, rather it came from a place of yearning and wanting to be like him.

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